Update your billing information

Refreshing your billing details is straightforward and ensures your subscriptions and purchases continue without interruption.

Changing Your Billing Address

  1. Navigate to Billing: Open the Administration panel and go to Billing. Under the Billing Information section, you'll find Update billing address.

  2. Update Address: Click Update information under Billing and Shipping Information. Enter your new address details and hit "Save" to apply the changes.

Updating Your Credit Card Details

  1. Access Payment Method: In the same Billing section, select Update payment method. This opens a new page for payment information.

  2. Enter New Credit Card Info: Click Add payment method. Fill in the new credit card details. Check Use as default payment method and click Add. If desired, you can now remove the old credit card from your file. Remember, if the new card isn't set as default, the old one will still be charged.

This simple process ensures that your billing information is current, allowing seamless access to our services and features without disruption.

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