Configuring Moderation Settings

Automate community moderation using Bettermode's moderation settings.

Moderation settings allow Admins and Moderators to prevent, modify, and remove the content before it gets published if the content does not follow the guidelines or terms of service of your community.

How Admins Can Define Moderation Rules and Settings

or admins and moderators to review before it can be Admins can update the moderation rules and settings by logging in with their Admin account > clicking on their profile picture in the top-right > Access the Administration > Select the Settings section > Click on the Moderation tab.

Different Moderation Rules and Settings

  1. AI spam detector (currently in beta)

Enable AI spam detector to automatically detect spam posts and comments.

  • AkismetEnable Akismet AI to automatically detect spam posts and comments. User's data including IP address, user agent, referrer, and site URL will be sent to Akismet for spam checking.

  • OOPSpamEnable OOPSpam to automatically detect spam posts and comments. User's data including IP address, user agent, referrer, and site URL will be sent to OOPSpam for spam checking.

  1. Moderation alerts (Keyword Block Lists)

Enable keyword moderation; a customizable set of words that Admins can define to assign potentially unwanted posts to moderation for review. If a post or a reply contains a word from the Block List, then the content will be sent for moderators' approval first before getting published in the community.

Admins can manually add words to the block list and/or use a common profane words list. Then, enable the block list toggle, and click on Update.

Our block list supports the following formats:

  • A,B,C (no space between commas)

  • A , B , C (space before and after the comma)

  • A, B, C (space after the comma)

  • A ,B ,C (space before the comma)

  • Or add each word in a separate line

  1. Monitored content

Select specific spaces and post types to monitor. If a space or post type is selected in this section, all posts in the selected space or post type will be sent to moderation first for review before the post is published.

  1. Account age-based moderation

If you want all new members' posts and replies to go to moderation for approval, you must define the minimum account age (number of hours) for both posts and replies. If a member does not meet the minimum account age for creating posts and replies, then their posts and replies will be flagged for moderation first.

πŸ’‘ Tips: If you want all posts and replies in your community to go to moderation first, select the Forever option.

  1. Member watchlist

Once a member is flagged, all their posts and replies go to moderation first. Only after the admin/moderator's approval, will the content be visible to others. Moderators and admins can flag a member from their profile page or the moderation settings. Learn more about this feature here.

How Admins and Moderators can access the items pending review

Admins and Moderators will see a red dot at the bottom left of their profile picture to signify that there are items pending moderation. To access the moderation panel, admins and moderators can access the Moderation panel by clicking on their profile picture in the top-right of the navbar > Click on the Moderation tab.

This takes you to the Moderation Panel, which contains pending posts, reported posts, reported members, and pending members:

  • Pending Posts: posts that contain a word from the block list or posts from members that do not meet the minimum account age.

  • Reported Posts: posts that are reported by the other members of the community.

  • Reported Members: members who are reported by the other members of the community.

  • Pending Members: members who have requested to join a Private Space.

Admins and Moderators can click the community name from the left menu in the moderation panel and see all the pending items within the community (all spaces). Also, Space Admins can see all the pending items for the spaces where they have a space admin role.

What actions admins and moderators can take from the moderation panel?

  • Push post: Publish the post in its respective Space and send a notification to followers according to the notification settings.

  • Hide post: The post will be published but is hidden from the Feed.

  • Remove post: Delete the post and do not publish it to the community.

  • Keep member: Keep the reported member in the community

  • Delete member: Deleted the reported member from the community

  • Accept member: Let the member join the Private Space and access its content.

  • Reject member: Do not let the member join the private space.

❗Important note: Members receive a notification on the page informing them if their post is sent to moderation. Members will not receive a notification if their posts or requests are accepted or rejected.

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