Intercom Integration

Released on April 26, 2022

This is the month of Apps and integrations! In April, we have already released FullStory, Hotjar, and Mixpanel integrations. Today, I am announcing Intercom integration which is designed to improve member engagement using personalized campaigns.

This video features our former brand, Tribe. Since then, Tribe has undergone a rebrand and is now known as Bettermode.

Intercom is a popular customer communication platform that allows businesses to chat with customers, offer support, and engage them using emails, in-app messaging, and other tools.

Contacts created in Intercom can be segmented based on their properties and activities. This enables companies to send personalized and highly contextual messages to their customers.

Bettermode’s integration with Intercom allows you to enrich your intercom contacts with custom properties associated with their community profile and activities performed in the community. These properties and events can be used for building highly targeted customer segments and creating personalized campaigns triggered by the actions people performed in the community.

Here are the popular use cases to help you get started:

Embedded chat: Optionally display the Intercom chat widget on the community pages so members can directly connect with admins through one-to-one private messaging.

Onboarding: Onboard members when they join your community by showcasing useful resources and explaining how they can engage with the community. The onboarding tool is known as Product Tour in Intercom.

Emails, in-app messages, and banners: Send emails and messages to the community members based on contact segments created with community profile properties and events.

Surveys: Collect insights from members by running personalized surveys. The responses collected from members can be used to further activate workflows.

Chatbots: Build chatbots that get triggered when visitors browse through different pages of your community.

Messaging campaigns: In Intercom, messaging campaigns are called Series. You can select trigger conditions to add community members to these campaigns and use the whole suite of messaging, bots, and onboarding tools to engage members.

For example, enroll a member in a Series when they post for the first time in the β€œGive Feedback” Space. Once enrolled, the member will receive an in-app message and if they don’t open the message within 2 days, an email will be sent.

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