Introducing Enhanced Customizer โ€“ Customizing Spaces

If you have been following various updates and events for the Tribe Platform, you would have noticed that no-code customization is a key focus area! In short, this enables community admins to change different aspects of the community based on their unique needs.

At the beginning of this year, I shared an update to showcase the very first version of the Customizer. It offered an easy way to customize the color pallets, change fonts, and configure the navigation.

Today we are announcing an enhanced Customizer that will enable customization of Spaces. Every Space in your Tribe community is made with an arrangement of Blocks. To add or remove a piece of information in a Space, one must adjust the Blocks.

Given below are all the different Blocks available today:

  • Accordions

  • Call to action

  • Rich text

  • Leaderboard

  • iFrame

  • Members

  • Quick links

  • Tags

  • About

For instance, the iFrame block can be used to bring valuable resources and functionalities from external sources to the community. It could be anything from a podcast or a video to a widget from Elfsight. The Call to Action Block will be useful to draw attention to major resources or events shared in the community.

The Customizer is still in an early stage! We look forward to continuously improving the Customizer by adding additional types of Blocks and supporting all the different pages of the community.

Your feedback will play the most important role in shaping the Customizer.