Introducing RSS Feeds

Released on February 6, 2022

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a simple and standardized method to consume web content in the form of feeds. These feeds are offered by blogs, social networks, news portals, etc. so you can stay up to date with your favorite sites without visiting the sites individually.

Now, RSS feeds are also available on communities powered by Bettermode. That means admins and members can add different community feeds to an RSS reader and stay updated with the new content.

This can be a powerful tool to bring members back into the community, improve retention, and increase new member acquisition.

RSS feeds supported by Bettermode:

  • Community main feed (home page)

  • Posts in a specific Space

  • Posts created by a member

  • Replies to a certain post

Top use cases:

  • Use Slack’s RSS app to share community updates with your team.

  • Bring community touchpoints to your blog and website with WordPress RSS plugins or tools such as Feedwind.

  • RSS by Zapier and IFTTT can be used to run workflow automation. For example, posting to social media and adding new updates to spreadsheets.

  • Community members are empowered to get updates using an RSS reader like Feedly and receive email digests with tools like Mailbrew.

  • Create a word cloud to visualize what people are talking about in Space.

RSS feeds are available on all Bettermode pricing plans.