Trends for Community-led Brands and Products

Give a listen to Pramod Rao, CEO and Co-founder of Threado, as he uncovers the key trends for community-led companies and how they affect growth.

During our latest webinar in the Industry Experts Webinar series, Pramod shared some of his actionable insights on how community-led businesses can boost growth, engagement, and other tangible benefits.

💡 Tip: use the breakdown below to scour through the different topics covered in the panel discussion.

  • 0:00- 3:30 Introductions

  • 3:30- 7:00 Why community-led growth?

  • 7:00- 12:10 Examples of the network effect and community-led growth IRL

  • 12:10- 28:00 How to get going with community-led growth?

  • 28:00-39:21 Drive engagement within your community

  • 39:30-52:17- Audience Q/A