Crafting Exceptional Community Experience: Structuring, Branding, and Launching

Get an overview of building, branding, onboarding, and successfully launching a thriving brand community.
Featured presenter
Jenny Weigle
Founder of Jenny.Community Consulting
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Hosted by
Mo Malayeri
CEO, Bettermode
Date and time
November 1, 2023
12:30 PM EST

Launching a brand community is not just about setting up a platform and inviting members. It involves intricate planning, a well-defined structure, effective onboarding, and meticulous preparation for launch. Many communities falter at the starting line due to a lack of comprehensive planning and execution.

Our expert speaker, Jenny Weigle, will provide actionable insights in a concise format to help you build a successful brand community. From the foundational structure to onboarding new members and preparing for a grand launch.

What you'll learn

  • Community structure: The building blocks of a successful community and how to set them up.
  • Effective onboarding: Strategies to ensure new members are engaged and contributing from day one.
  • Launch preparation: A checklist of must-dos before you hit the 'Go Live' button.

Let's take a step to build a community that not only meets but exceeds your members' expectations! A community where each member feels valued, engaged, and eager to participate.