Make a Lasting Impression with Intentional Onboarding from Day One

Unlock the power of effective onboarding to drive organic participation and retain more members.
Featured presenter
Jamie Langskov
Founder of Chaotic Good Consulting
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Hosted by
Mo Malayeri
CEO, Bettermode
Date and time
September 28, 2023
12:00 PM ET

Attend this webinar and you could win a chance to receive a 1-hour consultation on community strategy with Jamie Langskov.

They say there’s no second chance at a first impression. Nearly every community is launched without a thought for the onboarding process - or a superficial wave of the hand towards the topic and a promise to “tackle that later.”

Jamie Langskov, Founder of Chaotic Good Consulting, joins us to challenge the assumption that an onboarding strategy is a nice-to-have and walks us through the questions we should be answering as we design a best-in-class onboarding process to ensure that community members who join keep coming back for more.

What you'll learn

What community managers often get wrong about onboarding: Jamie will help you figure out what to prioritize when you’re in the thick of a community launch, how to think about scale, and the role of automation and tooling in your onboarding experience.

Real examples of the good, the bad, and the ugly: We’ll take a critical look at a few examples of onboarding done well and those that could use some work.

Practical guidance: Instead of telling you how to build an onboarding strategy, Jamie will help you learn how to think about onboarding, how to get into the heads of your users, and how to validate that your strategy is achieving what you want it to.