Accessing your billing details

View and update billing details or upgrade your plan

On the Billing page, community admins can view their subscription details, change the community plan, update the billing information and payment methods, manage additional seats, or cancel the subscription. Admins can also find a summary of all invoices issued by Bettermode, download them as a PDF, and check the status of each payment.

Access the Billing page

Log in with your Admin Account > click your Profile Picture on the top-right > Administration > Settings > Billing:

Click on Change Plan and Manage Teammates to update the plan, payment method, payment terms, add admin seats to your plan, and many more.

Payment status

  • Paid: the invoice was successfully paid.

  • Pending: Tribe has not received the payment.

  • Failed: the latest attempt to process the payment has failed.

  • Canceled: the invoice is no longer active. There will be no attempts to process a payment for the invoice

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