Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Bettermode is equipped with keyboard shortcuts so you can do a lot done without touching your mouse. ⌨️

Note: You'll see cmd/ctrl used a lot below. This indicates command on Mac and control on Windows and Linux.


  • Press ⌥/alt + + Q to Logout

  • Press M to access the Moderation Panel

  • Press cmd/ctrl + K to open the action bar

Essential Shortcuts

  • Press cmd/ctrl + C to copy

  • Press cmd/ctrl + V to paste

  • Press cmd/ctrl + Shift + V to paste without formatting

  • Press cmd/ctrl + Z to undo

  • Press cmd/ctrl + Shift + Z to redo

  • Press cmd/ctrl + A to select all

Post Shortcuts

While on a post...

  • Press N to create a new post

  • Press E to edit a post

  • Press M to move a post

  • Press H to hide a post

  • Press cmd/ctrl + ←Backspace to delete a post

  • Press ⌥/alt + A to open the post analytics

  • Ppress ⌥/alt + L to access the post audit logs

  • Press C to edit the CMS model in the Design Studio

Space Shortcuts

While in a space...

  • Press ⌥/alt + S to share a Space

  • Press ⌥/alt + A to open the Space analytics

  • Press ⌥/alt + L to access the Space audit logs

  • Press C to edit the Space in the Design Studio

  • Press J to leave a Space

Styling your content

  • Press enter to insert a line of text.

  • Press shift + enter to create a line break within a block of text.

  • Type --- to create a divider. (Three dashes in a row.)

  • With text selected, press cmd/ctrl + B to bold text.

  • With text selected, press cmd/ctrl + I to italicize text.

  • With text selected, press cmd/ctrl + U to underline text.

  • With text selected, press cmd/ctrl + shift + S for strikethrough.

  • With text selected, press cmd/ctrl + K to add a link. You can also paste a URL over selected text to turn it into a link using cmd/ctrl + V.

  • With text selected, press cmd/ctrl +E to add code formatting.

  • Press cmd/ctrl + Shift + 7 for an ordered list

  • Press cmd/ctrl + Shift + 8 for a bullet list

Disabling Keyboard Shortcuts

Admins can disable keyboard shortcuts by accessing the Administration > Settings > Site Settings > Other Settings:

When disabled, the following shortcuts are disabled:

  • cmd+k / ctrl+k: Open the command bar

  • All shortcuts that are shown inside the command bar

  • All post action items (e.g. H to hide a post)

  • All space action items (e.g. J to leave a space)

The following won't be affected:

  • System shortcuts (e.g. cmd/ctrl + C to copy)

  • Shortcuts within the post editor

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