Receive community notifications using the Slack app

Get notified on Slack when something is going on in the community.

Slack is one of the most popular apps for workplace communication. Bettermode's integration with Slack makes it possible to get notified about community activities right inside your Slack app. You can connect a Slack channel to one or multiple Bettermode communities or to specific space(s) within the communities.

List of the community events that send notifications to Slack

  • New posts

  • New reply

  • Posts flagged for moderation

  • Approval or rejection of the post in the moderation panel

  • Request to join a space

  • Approval or rejection of the request to join a space

  • New members joining the community

  • New invitations were sent to join the community

How to enable Bettermode's Slack App

  1. Like any other Bettermode app, you need to first install the app: Learn how to install an app

  2. Once the app is installed, from the setting tab click the Connect to Slack:

  3. Select the Community Space that you would like to send the notifications to Slack. Or, leave it blank to receive notifications from the whole community. Click Connect to Slack:

  4. This will redirect you to the Slack website. Log in to your slack, if you haven’t already, and select a workspace from the top right:

  5. Select the Slack channel that you want to receive the community notification in, and click on the “Allow” button:

  6. Congratulation! Your community is now sending notifications to the Slack channel. You can click on the trash icon to remove this integration. You can also click on the edit button to change the community space connected to the slack channel.

    ❗Note: For a tutorial video and more information, please visit this post in our Product Updates space.

What Are the Future Considerations for Bettermode's Slack App

  • Pick what type of community activities should send notifications to Slack

  • The ability to take actions in the community (approve, reject, reply, or react) right from Slack

  • The ability to see the feed and a simple dashboard of the community right in Slack

  • Sending personalized notifications to end-users based on the spaces they have access to

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