Uncover user behavior using the Mixpanel app

Get a pulse of the community and uncover practical insights with comprehensive data on member activities using Bettermode's Mixpanel App.

Mixpanel is a popular product analytics software, designed to uncover insights on user behavior and improve retention. Bettermode's integration with Mixpanel allows you to capture community members’ properties and activities at a granular level, and create powerful reporting dashboards by segmenting members based on a comprehensive set of filters.

Using Bettermode's Mixpanel App, you can unlock additional capabilities, like funnels, grouping actions based on: space/member/role, cohort-based reports, stickiness, and retention, as well as comparing different member segments (based on role) for any particular report.

💡Tip: The free version of Mixpanel allows you to track 100k members every month. Learn more about Mixpanel products and pricing.

Popular use cases for Bettermode's Mixpanel App

  • Evaluate the growth of active users (e.g., Daily Active Users)

  • Measure member stickiness and retention

  • Create reports on content generation (e.g., posts and replies)

  • Create activation funnels based on a series of member actions

  • Learn how members progress through different lifecycle stages

  • Combine community data and usage via members’ SSO ID to learn how community engagement impacts product adoption

How to enable Bettermode's Mixpanel App

  1. Like any other Bettermode app, you need to first install the app: Learn how to install an app

  2. Once the app is installed, add the “Mixpanel Project Token” and “Data Residency” to the app settings:

  • Mixpanel Project Token

    • Since Mixpanel users can have multiple projects, and each project has its own unique “project token”, whenever you want to send data to a specific project, you'll need to specify the project token so Mixpanel knows where to send the data. Click here for instructions on how to find the Project Token in your Mixpanel account. The instructions are also provided in Bettermode's Mixpanel App settings (image above).

  • Data Residency

    • When creating a project, Mixpanel asks you to select a region for the project (US or Europe). You need to select the same region in the Bettermode Mixpanel App settings as well.

  1. Save settings.

❗Note: For more information about Bettermode Mixpanel App and the video tutorial, please check out Introducing Mixpanel Integration post in the Product Updates space.

List of Events that Bettermode Sends to Mixpanel

  • Invite Member

  • Accept Member Invitation

  • Add Member To Space

  • Add Reaction

  • Create Member

  • Create Space

  • Create Space Collection

  • Delete Member

  • Delete Post

  • Delete Space

  • Publish Post

  • Reject Member Invitation

  • Reject Moderation Item

  • Remove Member From Space

  • Send To Moderation

  • Update Member

  • Update Post

  • Update Space

❗ Note: You can use a filter "Is Reply" to separate Posts from Replies (Comments). In the future, we will introduce a solution for admins to pick which events should be passed to Mixpanel.

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