Track user behavior using the Hotjar app

Improve the user experience and engagement inside the community using Bettermode's integration with the Hotjar analytics tool.

Hotjar is an analytics tool that helps businesses to track customer behavior and collect user feedback. Bettermode's Hotjar App passes member attributes and events to Hotjar to bring full visibility to user activities inside the community. The data obtained from Hotjar can be used to improve the on-site experience and increase member engagement.

Popular use cases for Bettermode's Hotjar App

  • Visualize member behavior by monitoring clicks, browsing patterns, and scrolling activity. Get an idea of what can be improved for the user experience.

  • Look at the community through the eyes of community members. View the live playback of members and gain a better understanding of how members are engaging within the community.

  • Understand where visitors drop off from the community page without signing up and discover different ways to improve conversion rates.

  • Empower members to instantly leave visual feedback for your community within different parts of the product.

  • Segment members and run targeted surveys to get feedback from community members.

How to enable Bettermode's Hotjar App

  1. Like any other Bettermode app, you need to first install the app: Learn how to install an app

  2. Once the app is installed, from the app settings, fill in the required section and click Save settings:

    Hotjar Site ID: Here is the help document to find the Site ID from your Hotjar account.

    User Attributes: Enable this toggle if you want to send the following user information from your Bettermode community to Hotjar:

    • Member ID

    • Role: user’s role in the community

    • Locale: the language of the browser

    • Created At: when the user was created in the community

    Once User Attributes are enabled, you need to add the User Properties Prefix and User Identifier.
    For the User Identifier section, you have 2 options in the dropdown:

    • Select the ID that identifies the user in Hotjar.

    • Choose External ID If you are sending the External ID to Bettermode using Single Sign-On.

    Send Events: Enable this toggle if you want the community to send the following events to Hotjar:

    ❗Note: Bettermode only sends the events to Hotjar for regular members, not admins or moderators.

    • Member_updated: member's information is updated by a member or admin

    • Member_deleted: member is self-deleted or deleted by an admin

    • Post_created: post or reply is published and visible to members

    • Post_updated: post or reply is updated

    • Post_deleted: post or reply is deleted

    • Reaction_added: reaction is added to a post or reply

    • Reaction_removed: reaction is removed from a post or reply

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