Accessing Bettermode's Reports and Analytics

Access detailed insights into your community's performance with Bettermode’s reports and analytics.

Bettermode’s Reports enable admins to measure and monitor the community's performance with an overview of the most relevant metrics based on the community use case. The Reports page provides Admins with analytics on community performance Overview, Reach and engagement, People, Posts, Spaces, and many more.

Access Community Reports

  1. Log in with your Admin account

  2. Navigate to the Administration > Reports

  3. Navigate to the most relevant analytics using one of the available options under the Reports section:

    • Overview: Most popular analytics for the community.

    • Reach & Engagement: User activities and visits.

    • People: Members over time, top members based on posts, replies, reactions, and many more.

    • Posts: posts and replies over time, the top posts based on views, replies, reactions, and many more.

    • Spaces: Top spaces based on posts, views, members, and analytics per space.

  4. Pick the time frame from the top-right corner of each report page to see the analytics for a defined period. You can use a pre-defined or a custom timeframe.

    ❗Note: For calculating the time frame, Bettermode uses the browser time zone, which is defined based on each user’s device’s time zone.

    ❗Note: Unique Active Members -> This metric is referring to the logged-in members

    ❗Note: Unique Daily visits -> This refers to all visits, including the logged-in and non-logged-in users.

🎬 For video tutorials, please visit this post in our Product Updates space.

Per Space Analytics

Admins can access the detailed reports and analytics per space in three ways:

  1. Navigate to the designated Space > click on the (...) on the top-right > Select Analytics

  2. Navigate to Administration > Content > Spaces > find the Space and click on (...) > Select Analytics

  3. Navigate to Administration > Reports > Spaces > Select a Space

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