Check community activity with Audit Logs

Audit Logs allow admins to check the activities done by the admins or regular members of the community.

βž•Audit Logs are only available to customers on Bettermode's Enterprise plan.
Learn more about Bettermode's pricing and plans here.

How to access the Audit Log

Log in with your admin account > click on your profile picture in the top-right > Administration > Reports > Audit Logs.

On this page, you see the full list of the activities taking place in the community based on the creation date and time. You can use the filters on the top menu to narrow down the results for more visibility. This list can be filtered by Actor (a member who has taken the action), Space (the space that events have taken place in), and Action Type.

Action Type filters:

  • Spaces: Updates on Spaces (learn more here)

  • Post: Posts being published, followed, replied to, or edited

  • Member: Members joining the community, updating profiles, and verifying their accounts

  • Community: Changes made to the community settings by the Administration

  • Collection: Updates on Collections’ settings (learn more here)

  • Reaction: Added or removed emoji reactions to/from posts

  • Moderation: Items flagged for moderation and approved/rejected by admins/moderators (learn more here)

  • Invitation: Sent email invitations (learn more here)

  • App Installation: Apps installed or uninstalled to/from the community by Admins (learn more here)

  • App: New App is built by the developers. (learn more here)

  • SSO: Updates on the SSO settings (learn more here)

Admins can also easily check the Audit Logs for a specific User or Space.

  • An audit log from the member's profile shows the activities that this user has done in the community: Updated their profile, Replied to a post, Reacted to a post, joined a Space, content flagged for moderation, etc.

  • The audit log from the space page shows the activities that are done around that Space: who joined the Space, who changed Space settings, who posted in that Space, etc.

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