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Improve member engagement using Bettermode's Intercom App

Create a robust solution for member engagement, targeted messaging, member onboarding, and more using Bettermode's Intercom App.

Intercom App is only available to customers on Bettermode's Enterprise pricing plans. Learn more about Bettermode's pricing policy here.

Intercom is a communication and engagement software that can be used to provide customer support, capture leads using its embeddable chat app, run mass email campaigns, deliver behaviorally-triggered emails, and send in-app messages to engage and inform their audience.

Popular use cases for Bettermode's Intercom App

  • Adding community members as contacts on Intercom with custom properties related to the community.

  • Updating contact in Intercom with custom properties related to the community.

  • Sending member events from the community to Intercom and segmenting users in Intercom based on community activities.

  • Send outbound emails or community in-app notifications to different user segments.

  • Add the Intercom Messenger to the community to connect community members with admins.

  • Create a custom Product Tour for community members.

How to enable Bettermode's Intercom App

  1. Like any other Bettermode app, you need to first install the app: Learn how to install an app

  2. Once the app is installed, from the settings tab click on Authenticate with Intercom. This takes you to Intercom's website (

  1. On the Intercom website, choose the Intercom Workspace that you want to connect to the community from the top right and then click on Authorize Access in the bottom right:

  2. Once the access is authorized, you will be redirected to the Intercom App settings page inside the community. From there, you can insert the Identity verification secret, and enable any of the 3 available options explained below (optional):

  • Chat Widget: Adds chat button to the bottom-right of the community
    ❗Note: Since Bettermode uses Intercom to provide chat support to community admins, it is worth mentioning that admins will continue having access to Bettermode's chat support. However, Bettermode's Intercom chat messenger will be temporarily replaced by your own Intercom chat messenger (only for admins). Once an admin closes Bettermode's chat messenger, their own chat button will show up again on the page that allows admins to send messages to community members.

  • Sync Members: Sends user profile updates from community to Intercom (link to the tutorial is available in the settings)

  • Send Member Events: Send the user’s community activity as an event to Intercom (the link to the tutorial is available in the settings)

  1. Click Save Settings.

Available member properties to sync with Intercom

All member properties are synced as new attributes in Intercom and do not overwrite any preexisting attributes. Bettermode uses the member email as the identifier to sync the following attributes:

  • Member Name

  • Username

  • Member ID

  • Tagline

  • Role

  • Created at

  • Updated at

  • Email Status

  • Locale

  • All standard and custom fields that have an existing value

What member activities get sent to Intercom as events

  • member.created: member is created (no matter if the email is verified)

  • member.verified: member's email is verified and therefore the member is an active

  • member.updated: member's information is updated by the member or admin

  • member.deleted: member is self-deleted or deleted by an admin

  • member_invitation.created: member sent out email invitations. An event is called for each email address.

  • member_invitation.accepted: user registers through an email invitation

  • member_invitation.rejected: email invitation is expired

  • space_membership.created: member joined a public space, their request was accepted to join a private space, or member was added to a space by an admin or moderator

  • space_membership.deleted: member left a space or was removed from space by an admin or moderator

  • post.published: post or reply is published and visible to other members (passed moderation)

  • post.deleted: post or reply is deleted

  • post.created: post or reply is created

  • reaction.added: reaction is added to a post or reply

  • reaction.removed: reaction is removed from a post or reply

For more information on the Intercom app and a video tutorial, please check out this post in the Product Updates space.

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