Managing members

Admins can have a full view of members and use searches and filters to narrow down the list from the Member Management page.

How admins can access the member management page

Log in with your Admin Account > Click on your Profile picture on top-right > Administration > People > click on Members.

❗Note: Click on β€œCreated at” from the top menu to sort the results based on the creation time; Newest Members or Oldest Members.

How admins can add filters to the member management page

From the Member management page, click on the Add filter on the top-left and add the relevant filters to narrow down the result.

You can use add multiple filters at once for more precise results. In the example below, the filter is based on Name and Email address.

❗Note: Available filters are based on the custom Profile Fields enabled by admins. Learn more about Profile Fields.

How admins can take bulk actions on the member

Use the "Add filter" to select a targeted group of members, then click the "Actions" button and take one of the available actions on all the selected members:

  • Suspend

  • Delete

  • Add to space

  • Assign badges

  • Revoke badges

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