Customer Community – A Fresh Approach to Customer Success

Jono Bacon, a community consultant, shows how to create a thriving community for customer success.

In a world where customers have an increasing number of options for almost every product or service, your investment in customer success has a greater impact on your bottom line than ever before. In fact, it often makes the difference between companies that thrive and companies that take a dive.

You can’t afford to get it wrong, because if your customers can’t achieve the outcome they want with your product, they have other places they can go—and they will. The days where the corner shop was the only place to buy your bread are long gone.

At the same time, to make the situation even more complex, people’s expectations about brands continue to change thanks to the influence of social media and technology. Organizations are now dealing with a customer base that has grown up with both, so when they engage with brands they care about, they expect more than a ticketing system or a simple email response.

On the contrary, customers will no longer feel valued or appreciated unless they have a real, ongoing social experience with your brand. They want you to care about what they are doing with your products. They want you to be actively engaged in their ongoing success and helping them achieve better results.

In this guide, Jono Bacon, community consultant and author, shows how to create a powerful community for your customer success initiative where people feel a strong sense of belonging to your brand and one another.