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Community structure


Spaces are flexible containers with built-in posting permission settings to categorize content and structure your customer hub.


Collections are designed to group a set of Spaces in one place. They can be ordered in different ways for easy navigation.


Tag the content and enjoy an additional way to organize posts. Enhance member experience with an easy-to-navigate community.
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Member authentication

Select from a number of ways to allow members to log in — from email and password to social log in and SSO.

Social log in

Social login is a frictionless method to access the community using popular services such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Slack, and Discord.


Set the community accessibility to public or private. Enable members with an invitation to join and empower them to invite peers.


SSO reduces all user logins to one login for greater security and convenience. Bettermode supports everything from OAuth and JWT to custom SSO.
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Custom Spaces

Offer unique content experiences with a Space exactly based on what you need, whether it's for Q&A, job listings, or reviews.


Visually build your community without touching a line of code. Select, arrange, and configure the Blocks to create distinct communities.

Explore page

A customizable landing page for your members to explore the community. Showcase a banner, Spaces, different posts the way you like.

Colors and typography

Build a beautiful community quickly by selecting a range of carefully crafted color palettes and professional typography that reflects your unique brand.

Custom profile fields

Create unique profile fields to fit your community's specific needs and allow members to share more about themselves.

Custom navigation

Change your header layout, modify the sidebar navigation, and add a flexible top bar. Arrange the elements any way you like and add links.


Remove Bettermode’s branding and completely customize your community using own domain, logo, email address, and more.

Custom domain

Move the community to your domain or subdomain. Capture web traffic and engage members under your brand.
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App Store


Apps are designed to add new functionality to the community and take the flexibility of the platform to the next level.


Everything from Slack to Intercom is just a click away. Bettermode integrates with your favourite tools and connects with your business workflow.

Custom apps

Tag the content and enjoy an additional way to organize posts. Enhance member experience with an easy-to-navigate community.
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Collect and beautifully present member information with profile picture, name, their contributions, and anything you select.

Member directory

Facilitate communication and networking among members by displaying a list of members belonging to your community.

Member roles

Assign different types of privileges with permissions based on roles such as regular member, moderator, and admin.

Member export

Export member data with just a few clicks and easily import them to any other tool. Analyze raw data and gain deeper insights.

Member sort and filter

Apply filters and easily segment members based on their properties. Even custom fields can be used for filtering.
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Engagement tools

Reactions & comments

Members can engage with each others’ posts using @mentions, rich text, pictures, gifs, emoji reactions, and more.


Activity feed keeps members hooked with personalized and contextual content driven by members’ participation in Spaces and preferences.


Leaderboard is automatically populated with the most reputed members to build healthy competition and recognize quality contributions.

Private messaging

Private messaging supports rich content with images, videos, files, and more! It can even be automated with Zapier integration.


Recognize community members and improve community participation with fully automated smart badges as well as manually created badges.
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Content experience

Post editor

Members enjoy a beautiful posting experience with formatting options, media uploads, @mentions, and embeddable content.


Select your primary community language and enable your members to translate your community content in real-time.

Social (OG) media optimization

Showcase the posts in their best form on social networks with smart and customizable Open Graph tags.


Built-in SEO best practices such as meta tags and schema markups present the community content in the most optimized form.


Host your community in multiple languages by translating the user interface and community emails.
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Embed tools

Powerful embed tools bring social experience into your apps and website. Drive engagement by reaching audiences wherever they already exist.
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Advanced search

Reliable search built right into the core of the community experience. Members can find the right information by applying any type of filter.

Federated search

Extend the search capability of the community. For example members can search external knowledge bases or learning management software.
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Reach & engagement

The Reach & engagement section helps you visualize the activities in the community, page views, unique visits, and popular times.


Visualize new member growth and active member growth trends. The tabular view shows top members by post, replies, and reactions.


Uncover trends related to posts, replies, and reactions. Explore the popular posts by views, replies, and reactions.


Get a tabular view of top Spaces in terms of posts, views, and members. Understand how your most active Spaces are performing.
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Keyword blocklist

Automatically flag posts with keywords based on your industry, business, and more. Notify your moderation team so they take swift actions.

Profanity filter

Make community safety and moderation to the next level by automatically flagging posts with profane words using a robust in-built filter.

Moderation rules

Keep your customer hub clean by setting a minimum account age for both creating posts and replying to posts.

Moderation panel

Powerful moderation panel to allow, edit, or rejects posts efficiently. Keep your members safe, and secure your brand reputation.
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Reach members wherever they are with in-app, email, and desktop notifications. Notififications can be extended by app integrations like Slack.

RSS feed

Members and admins can stay updated with the community using feeds built out of posts, replies, and member contributions.
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Security and audit logs

Password strength

Enforce password requirements to protect your users' accounts. You can mandate a certain number of characters and symbols for passwords.

SSL certificate

Enjoy a free SSL certificate and secure connections for all users. As an enterprise client, you can even upload your own custom SSL certificate.

Audit log

The audit log is designed to give a clear view of member activities. Apply filters and narrow it down to members, Spaces, and activity types.

Email log

Get a complete list of all the emails generated from the community and view the status based on recipient type and email type.
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Developer portal

The Developer Portal enables you to bring your community ideas to life with custom apps based on your use case.

API and Webhooks

Robust API, webhooks, and template engine designed to help you create automation and custom workflows.
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Choose from 10+ premade templates

Select from our professionally designed templates or create your own templates based on your unique needs.

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Bettermode scales with our growth and makes it completely easy to customize the community!

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Customer Success

Bettermode helped us build a unified community with continuous experience for learners.

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