Building a Global Community of Coaches and Fostering a Support System


Bettermode was selected for its ease of use and for filling in almost all of our coaches’ wishlist.

Jennifer Serrat
Community Manager
Jennifer Serrat

Story snapshot

An overview of how the CoachHub team used features such as Spaces, Reports, Collections, and Data residency to build a thriving community.



A talent development platform founded in 2018 that offers personalized, measurable, and scalable coaching programs for the entire workforce of an organization.

Community Goals

Build a central hub for coaches and form stronger relationships. Help coaches to network and share educational resources. Empower coaches to uplift and help one another.


Built a custom and private community for the coaches. Utilized Spaces to categorize content as well as customize the experience. Collected feedback from the coaches to improve the business.


Highly active and returning community members. Happier coaches because of community interactions.

Founded in 2018 by entrepreneurs Yannis Niebelschuetz and Matti Niebelschuetz, CoachHub is a talent development platform that enables organizations to create a personalized, measurable and scalable coaching program for the entire workforce, regardless of department and seniority level.

By doing so, both organizations and their employees are able to reap a multitude of benefits, including increased engagement, higher levels of productivity, improved job performance, acquisition of new soft and hard skills, a stronger sense of purpose, and alignment with the company values, improved retention and more meaningful relationships with colleagues, managers, and customers

CoachHub community story

With 3,500+ coaches spread across the globe, a lot of the coaches felt isolated and lonely. They missed human connection, a support system, and a sense of belonging. That’s why CoachHub wanted to create a social space for them to network, share educational resources, and build an even stronger connection with them to better understand their needs, and empower them to uplift and help one another along their coaching journey.

CoachHub’s primary goal was to bring all of the coaches into one centralized location where they could connect and share resources with each other in an easy way.

Ultimately the goal was to have a space they would find easy to navigate and operate in to make their lives easier and richer. From the trends, it looks like coaches have been appreciating the platform built with Bettermode as we have had highly active and returning users.

Why Bettermode

The CoachHub company is based in Berlin, Germany. Since Germany is very strict on data protection and regulations, it was of utmost importance for CoachHub to host the community where the members’ data would be properly safeguarded in accordance with the GDPR laws put in place.

For this reason, collaborating with a company that had an option to store the data in Europe was a major selling point for CoachHub – and Bettermode had that.

Key features that stood out for CoachHub

Here are some key Bettermode features and functions that enabled CoachHub to build a successful community:


The CoachHub team loves the customization features and uses them on a daily basis either to announce an upcoming event, or for polls, instructions, and calendars.

"I have a feeling that the new features that Bettermode has in store for us this quarter will give the customization feature competition and I can’t wait to use them!"

Reports and analytics

The CoachHub team is excited about the revamped metrics and analytics.

“They are definitely an upgrade and we know you are in the process to make them even better so we are really looking forward to having them at play and giving us more granular insights into our community,” says Jennifer.

Interaction with the Bettermode team

Although the time difference makes it more difficult to get a timely answer, Jennifer says that she is quite satisfied with the response rate and level of attention she receives from the Bettermode team in Campfire.

“Lovlyn, our Customer Success Manager has been really present and available to us, making sure our doubts and questions are answered or given alternative solutions – she is a great resource and has helped bridge the gap between the product team and Bettermode's clients,” explains Jennifer.

I am quite satisfied with the response rate and level of attention I receive from the team in Campfire.

Community goals

Since its launch, the CoachHub community has seen an uphill trend in member sign-ups. Every month the community is closer to reaching its goal and the team is very pleased that the coaches have been active in the community.

Looking ahead, the CoachHub team is gearing up to track the long-term community goals such as member growth, stickiness, the churn rate for events, impact on business goals, and NPS.

"We have not yet measured their happiness index but if the positive trends we are seeing serve as any indication, we are confident that our coaches are happier with the community."