WebinarNinja is building NinjaTown, a community of Entrepreneurs

Webinar Ninja

We love Bettermode because it offers our members a distraction-free place to network, learn and grow their businesses.

Jeniffer Lee
Customer Success and Community Manager
Jeniffer Lee

Story snapshot

An overview of how the WebinarNinja team used features such as Spaces, Collections, SSO, and Leaderboard to build a thriving customer community.


Webinar Ninja

A cloud-based all-in-one webinar platform founded in 2014 designed to help entrepreneurs, consultants, and experts to share their knowledge and expertise.

Community Goals

Build close connections with customers and understand their needs. Enable customers to share educational resources with others and improve response time to customer problems.


Build a private brand-led community with SSO authentication for seamless access by the customers. Create a robust structure for the community with Spaces and Collections.


Within a span of 3 months, the community grew to more than 500 members. The community has contributed to better customer satisfaction and retention.

WebinarNinja is an all-in-one webinar platform designed by teachers and entrepreneurs, Omar Zenhom and Nicole Baldinu.

WebinarNinja takes the engagement tools from an in-person classroom and brings them to the online space. Entrepreneurs, consultants, and industry experts use the software to share their knowledge and expertise.

WebinarNinja is building a brand-led online community, NinjaTown, to maintain a close connection with customers and keep a finger on the pulse of their community. Their customers join the NinjaTown community for valuable tips and industry connections.

The Bettermode team spoke with Jennifer Lee, the Community Manager of WebinarNinja, about their goals behind building NinjaTown and how Bettermode supports and fosters their community growth.

Jenny Lee runs NinjaTown on Bettermode's platform because its distraction-free design creates a seamless experience for its members. This helps WebinarNinja facilitate conversations, share resources with their community members, and support customer success.

Combating loneliness and a lack of connection in entrepreneurship

WebinarNinja understood that the road to entrepreneurship is a lonely one. The founders of WebinarNinja desired a solution to this isolation that’s common for solopreneurs.

Omar and Nicole relied heavily on networking in the early days of their entrepreneur journeys. They understood that a networking element was the next natural step for expanding their customer experience. Since their customers love to teach, they are naturally eager to learn and develop new assets.

An online community could expand WebinarNinja’s educational offerings, allow customers to connect and learn from each other, and form a close relationship with WebinarNinja’s Team.

WebinarNinja also wanted to increase their response time to customer problems and provide a quick solution if possible.

The result: WebinarNinja built NinjaTown with Bettermode Platform. Their community quickly became a vital consumer touchpoint and a hub for company updates and upcoming offers.

Why WebinarNinja built NinjaTown with Bettermode

WebinarNinja became familiar with Bettermode as a member of ConvertKit’s community. As WebinarNinja researched community platforms, they found many could not compare to Bettermode's familiar design elements. As Jenny Lee put it, they were “impressed by the distraction-free experience” of the Bettermode platform.

In comparison to, say, a Facebook group, there are ads on the site, messages streaming in, and other interruptions distracting from the community experience. Jenny noted that Bettermode's platform stood out as a “place for focused information and content…which made them choose Bettermode over any other platform.”

Now, WebinarNinja offers its community members a strong community experience with resources, asset building, and quality connections on an easy-to-use, comprehensive platform.

Ninjatown - Webinarninja community
NinjaTown, WebinarNinja's customer community

How Bettermode supported NinjaTown

WebinarNinja found Bettermode to be extremely supportive from the start. In addition to Bettermode's easy-to-navigate platform, the Bettermode team has always been helpful and professional.

During the onboarding process, WebinarNinja appreciated the option to book follow-ups after their initial call with Bettermode. They enjoyed this so much that Jenny Lee implemented it into her own customer onboarding system.

Bettermode's thoughtful features support a unique community experience that WebinarNinja can personalize for its members. “One of my favorite features within Bettermode is the leaderboard,” explained Jenny. NinjaTown’s leaderboard includes a ladder system where members can earn points and get additional community benefits.

"The leaderboard has proven to be a great incentive for our community to engage more, so it’s a really crucial feature for us."
The Ninja Point System

Ultimately, the WebinarNinja team enjoys learning about its members’ behavior, including who’s taking advantage of NinjaTown and which content and members they engage with the most.

"Through the analytics feature, we’re able to view specific days and times when our members are most active, as well as which spaces are getting the most engagement."

This feature helps the WebinaNinja team better tailor their content, resulting in a carefully constructed community experience.

Between Bettermode's distinct features and its efficient support team, WebinarNinja creates an opportunity for its customers to engage with fellow entrepreneurs and enjoy a delightful community experience.

The results of building a community

Building and maintaining a community has proven to be immensely valuable for WebinarNinja. The additional consumer touchpoint helps WebinarNinja create a better, more transparent relationship between the customers and the company.

"Our Bettermode community is a place where people can go to find out what’s on our roadmap for upcoming offerings and changes to the company."

WebinarNinja has grown its NinjaTown community to over 500 members in just three short months. They’ve improved customer satisfaction and increased customer retention. Through Bettermode's features, WebinarNinja is curating a close-knit community for its entrepreneur customer base.