Get the insights you need to build a better product

Create a tight feedback loop and understand customer needs by empowering them to share their ideas.
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The engine empowering community-led businesses
Better engagement

Engage customers with peer-to-peer discussions and groups.

Customer ideas implemented

Improve product innovation with the help of customers.

Increase in NPS

Delight your customers with useful resources and drive advocacy.

More customers retained

Boost product adoption by sharing updates and best practices.

Capture every bright idea

Centralize product feedback and make informed product decisions based on customer feedback.

Upvotes on ideas

Sort customer ideas based on the number of upvotes or importance. Collect customer insights and optimize the product roadmap.

Status updates

Showcase the staus of different ideas and notify community members when the status changes.
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Product roadmap

Streamline your path to success with roadmap

Empower your users and boost collaboration with a shared roadmap

Keep users in the loop

Showcase your plans and share product progress with customers.

Make informed decisions

make data-driven decisions that lead to better outcomes.
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Question and answers

Collect insights with discussions and Q&A

Identify customer issues, gather early feedback, and build stronger relationships with your superusers.

Customer conversations

Analyze the support inquiries and how-to questions to better understand your product weaknesses.

Private spaces

Give beta access to your superusers in a secure and private space. Collect the early feedback and make product improvements.

Better gamification

to improve engagement

Gamify customer participation and encourage them to contribute to product ideation.


Leaderboard is automatically populated with the most reputed members to build healthy competition.


Recognize customer contributions with automated smart badges as well as badges created by your team.

Built for the next decade of customer experience

Engage your customers, enhance their experience, and win them for life!

Blocks & Layout

Go beyond basic branding. Select, arrange, and configure Blocks to build your unique layout with zero coding.

Apps & Integrations

Build a community that functions the way you want. Pick apps from the App Store, or build your custom apps to breathe life into your unique ideas.

Embeddable widgets

Easily embed your community into your existing app or website to improve access to self-service resources and peer-to-peer support.

Connected to your tools

Integrated with industry-leading software to automate and enhance your customer support workflow
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Run surveys and understand how members are interacting with the community, what they need, and how they feel
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Enrich Intercom contacts with member property data to get contextual information and improve engagement
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Connect your community with apps you already use for idea and feedback management. Automate workflows and save time.
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Enables admins and moderators to receive notifications from the community directly inside Slack.

Everything you need. Configurable.

Powerful, self-serve platform to help you convert, engage, and retain more users. Trusted by over 2,000 companies.

Custom Domain

Move the community to your domain or subdomain. Capture web traffic and engage members under your brand.

Single Sign-on & social Login

Frictionless methods to help customers access the community using their existing credentials for your app and social media sites.

Moderation tools

Keep your customer hub safe and clean with powerful moderation tools that automate routine manual activities.

Private Messaging

Enable community members to interact privately with rich content using text, images, videos, files, and more!

Public and private groups

Make the community public or private. Enable members with an invitation to join and empower them to invite peers.

Member profiles

Collect and beautifully present member information using  profile picture, name, their contributions, and more.
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Find out why our clients trust us

Hear from some of our amazing customers who are building faster.

Bettermode is embeddable as a part of our mobile app – something that no other company offered.

Dom Maskell
Chief Product Officer

The leaderboard is a really crucial feature for us. Great incentive for our community to engage more.

Jennifer Lee from WebinarNinja
Jennifer Lee
Community Manager

Bettermode scales with our growth and makes it completely easy to customize the community!

David Guthrie
Customer Success

Bettermode helped us build a unified community with continuous experience for learners.

Mariah Olson
Head of Community

The all-in-one community platform
for customer-led growth

Streamline your customer experience and create powerful brand-led communities in minutes
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