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Choose from 10+ premade templates

Select from our professionally designed templates or create your own templates based on your unique needs.

Everything you need. Configurable.

All you need to engage your customers, enhance their experience, and win them for life!


Host your community in different languages

Advanced search

Reliable search with filtering options and shortcut keys.

Moderation tools

A combination of automation rules and robust tools to keep the community safe.

Private messaging

Private messaging supports rich content with images, videos, files, and more!

Member access

Granular controls to keep the community or sections of the community private.


Badges and leaderboard system to drive community engagement.
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Design Studio

Unmatched level of customization. Go beyond basic branding. Select, arrange, and configure blocks to visually build your unique layout with zero coding.
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Layouts & Blocks

Modify pages with or without headers, select columns. Rearrange blocks and update on the fly.


Choose from a range of thoughtfully hand-crafted color palettes or create your own.


Choose from different font styles that reflect your brand or style your own.

App Store

Integrates with industry-leading software and enhance functionality with Bettermode apps.
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Embeddable widgets

Drive engagement and community participation by embedding your community into your website or mobile app in a way that it looks like an integral part of the website.
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Web Portal

Select the layout and components. Then, generate an embed code that you can add into your website and web app!

Mobile App

Bring social experience into your mobile application. Feature community posts in your product.
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Developer portal

Build what you can imagine with custom apps developed on top of the Bettermode platform.
Empower your team to build custom apps using our GraphQL API, Webhooks, and Liquid template engine.
Fully customize the UI using React SDK that gives access to the data hosted on the Bettermode Platform.
Connect your tech stack with your community and sync data at a deeper level. Build a workflow exactly the way you like.


Grow smarter with a powerful, self-serve community analytics to help you convert, engage, and retain more customers.
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Measure ROI

Transform customer interactions into business traction using built-in reports. Keep your team up-to-date with the value of the community.

Audit Logs

Get a clear view of member activities. Apply filters and narrow it down to members, Spaces, and activity types.

Connected apps

Leverage integration with popular analytics software. Filter, export, and drill down on the data in a couple clicks.


Bettermode's effortless tools empower you to structure your community, manage members, create and moderate content and track analytics while keeping everything secure.
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Manage members, profile fields, badges, and teammate roles. Export data for deeper analysis.


Get a complete view of posts, spaces, tags to organize and manage content.


Powerful moderation tools and built-in data security framework to keep the community safe.

Create powerful web apps

The most versatile, and feature-rich engagement platform.
Browse 100+ beautifully designed templates, each flexible for precise customization to your needs.
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