Create powerful web apps

The most versatile, and feature-rich engagement platform.
Browse beautifully designed templates, each flexible for precise customization to your needs.

Support tickets deflected

Save resources with a robust help center that solves customer issues.

Customer questions solved by peers

Empower customers to help each other.

Better engagement

Engage customers using peer-to-peer discussions, groups, and gamification tools.

Increase in NPS

Delight your customers with self-service and drive advocacy.

Help center powered by robust post editor

Address common questions with help articles and build a comprehensive knowledge repository.

Rich text and media

Create content with rich text, images, and videos. Enable customers to react and share feedback.

Reactions and replies

Enable customers to react, share feedback, and engage in conversations. Collect customer insights and build relationships.
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Question and answers

Question & answer to help customers at scale

Activate peer-to-peer knowledge sharing. Enable customers to share their knowledge and help others.

Featured answer

Allow customers to ask questions and post answers. Feature the best answers from the community.

Smart suggestions

Showcase previously asked questions when customers are asking any question. No more repeated questions!

Search experience fully integrated and instant

Stellar search experience. Let your customers filter through community content and find the right content with context.

Granular filters

Empower customers to apply filters to the search result so they can discover the exact content they are looking for.

Fast answers

The search tools scours through all the community content to deliver instant answers that your customers can trust.
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Built for the next decade of customer experience

Engage your customers, enhance their experience, and win them for life!

Blocks & Layout

Go beyond basic branding. Select, arrange, and configure Blocks to build your unique layout with zero coding.

Apps & Integrations

Build a community that functions the way you want. Pick apps from the App Store, or build your custom apps to breathe life into your unique ideas.

Embeddable widgets

Easily embed your community into your existing app or website to improve access to self-service resources and peer-to-peer support.

Connected to your tools

Integrated with industry-leading software to automate and enhance your customer support workflow
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Allows your customers to search the Zendesk knowledge base directly from your Bettermode community.
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Enrich Intercom contacts with member property data to get contextual information and improve engagement
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Connect your community with apps you already use for customer support, automate workflows, and save time.
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Enables admins and moderators to receive notifications from the community directly inside Slack.

All-in-One Engagement Platform

More than 4 million people across 100,000 sites are empowered by Bettermode

Custom Domain

Transition your community to your branded domain

SSO & social Login

Simplify access with existing credentials from your app or social networks.

Moderation tools

Automate moderation to maintain a safe and clean community hub.

Private Messaging

Facilitate private interactions with multimedia messaging capabilities.

Public and private groups

Offer both open and invitation-only group options for community engagement.

Member profiles

Showcase member details, including their contributions and personal information.
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Find out why our clients trust us

Hear from some of our amazing customers who are building faster.

Bettermode is embeddable as a part of our mobile app – something that no other company offered.

Dom Maskell
Chief Product Officer

The leaderboard is a really crucial feature for us. Great incentive for our community to engage more.

Jennifer Lee from WebinarNinja
Jennifer Lee
Community Manager

Bettermode scales with our growth and makes it completely easy to customize the community!

David Guthrie
Customer Success

Bettermode helped us build a unified community with continuous experience for learners.

Mariah Olson
Head of Community

Create powerful web apps

The most versatile, and feature-rich engagement platform.
Browse 100+ beautifully designed templates, each flexible for precise customization to your needs.
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