Mastering Automation and Operational Excellence in Online Communities

Get a comprehensive guide to process automation and operational excellence for your community.
Featured presenter
Tiffany Oda
Chief Operations Officer & Head of Community, Talkbase
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Hosted by
Mo Malayeri
CEO, Bettermode
Date and time
November 16, 2023
1:00 PM ET

Building a thriving community isn't just about implementing the right platform and acquiring members. It's more about meticulous planning, improving efficiency through automated workflows, and establishing operational excellence. Many community operations fail due to a lack of strategic planning and execution.

Community expert, Tiffany Oda, will offer you a holistic view of what it takes to master community operations — from leveraging automation to ensuring operational efficiency.

What you'll learn

  • Automated workflows: Discover the techniques for automating your community operations.
  • Operational excellence: Learn the best practices to achieve operational excellence.
  • Real-world insights: Hear firsthand accounts of successes and failures in community operations.