Shaping the future of Bettermode—chapter 2

Join us for a live Q&A with Tribe’s founders to learn more about the Developer Portal and JWT SSO.
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Hosted by
Mo Malayeri
CEO, Bettermode
Date and time
December 16, 2021
12:00 PM ET

Community builders have unique ideas and requirements for their communities. For example, you might want to automatically add members to certain Spaces based on the user properties stored in your app. Perhaps you want to send rewards to your community members when they create a specific number of posts in the community or a Space.

All this can be achieved by building custom apps with the help of developers. That’s why we’re introducing a Developer Portal to help you extend the functionality of the community with custom apps.

Apart from that, we’re also releasing an additional member authentication method using JWT SSO. Community members can be automatically logged in to the community directly from your app. This will be useful when you are embedding the community into your app.

Three awesome reasons to attend this session:

  • Learn about the Developer Portal for building custom apps.
  • Understand the vision for Tribe Platform’s extensibility.
  • Find out the best practices for using JWT SSO.