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Bettermode vs Glide: All Features Compared

Compare Bettermode vs Glide—discover which no-code app builder is right for you based on features, integrations, pricing, and user feedback.
Written by
Francisco Opazo
Last updated
May 2, 2024

The right no-code tool can speed up creating new apps by 62% and adding features by 72%

Glide is one of them, popular for its user-friendly features and customizable solutions in app building.

But if you're searching for worthy competitors with different features and pros, Bettermode could be the answer. So, in this Bettermode vs Glide comparison, we'll dissect both software across features, integrations, user ratings, pricing, and feedback.

The best part: we've built websites with both tools and mapped out the steps in this article, sparing you the effort of trial and error. 

Bettermode vs Glide: full review

Let's compare tools based on functionalities and show differences in templates, customization, and data storage.



  • Bettermode offers 11 modern, ready-to-use templates (more coming soon) that cover every aspect you might need—from job boards to professional events and network hubs. And before even purchasing any plan, you can try out all templates for free.

bettermode dashboard

  • Glide provides a wider range of templates for various categories, including CRM & Pipeline and Booking templates and even more specific ones—e.g., for Zumba. Some templates are free, but as you scroll down, you'll notice that many have a price tag ranging from $4.99 to even $999.99.

Glide dashoard


  • Bettermode has pre-made components that users can drag and drop. You can add, move and remove blocks from a list, and they come with configurable options. Simply click "C" on your keyboard on any of the template pages, and it will lead you to an editor where you can customize your website template. 

The post block allows you to configure how posts are shown, including layout styles and displayed fields.

bettermode customization options

  • Glide enables customization from a Google Sheet. Adjust tabs and labels, change icons and the layout. You can also change the bottom navigation and hide irrelevant options. Keep in mind that customization options are quite limited in the free plan. To get more customization options, especially in terms of design, you can subscribe to one of Glide’s paid plans.

glidecustomization options

Data storage

  • Bettermode has its own CMS for storing data. You don't need to use spreadsheets or import data from other third-party services like Airtable or SmartSuite. With Bettermode's CMS, everything is in one place and it makes it super easy to manage your data.
  • Glide also has quality CMS which gathers data like inventory, support tickets, and customer reviews, and organizes multiple data sources in one place.
bettermode data storage


  • Bettermode’s API lets apps act on behalf of bot accounts or community members. Just remember, you can only create and use app access tokens in communities where the app is installed. To start, generate an access token using the app's client ID and secret.
  • Glide’s API allows you to automate data management by connecting to your Glide Tables. With the API, you can add rows, set column values, and delete rows. If you have a Business or Enterprise plan, you can also access all rows and query Big Tables with SQL.


  • Bettermode's UI/UX is user-friendly and customizable, featuring templates akin to WordPress where users can easily move around blocks. Deployment is quick, and admin settings are simple to manage. The platform offers flexible configuration options for tailored projects.
  • Glide pages have customizable menus, tabs, and layouts. Its component library simplifies interface design with features like text fields, buttons, and media embeds. Glide's simplicity is great for basic projects but can feel limiting for more complex ones due to a lack of customization options. 


  • Bettermode integrates with top applications and tools, such as Slack, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Google Analytics 360, Jira, Google Calendar, HubSpot CRM, Stripe, Zapier, Google Cloud, Meta for Business, Intercom, Hotjar, Discord, HubSpot Sales Hub, Segment, FullStory, Zendesk, and more.

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  • Glide integrates with Asana, Azure, Browser, Clearbit, Discord, DocsAutomator, DocuSign, Giphy, GitHub, Gmail, Google Analytics, Google Calendar, Google Cloud, Google Maps, Google Tag Manager, HubSpot, etc.


Bettermode is free for up to 5 websites. If you need more, there are three paid plans:

  1. Lite – Unlimited members,  10 spaces, 3 collaborators, and 5 GB of storage, $24/month
  2. Pro – Unlimited members,  20 spaces, 5 collaborators, and 25 GB of storage, $59/month
  3. Business – Unlimited members,  30 spaces, 10 collaborators, and 100 GB of storage, $119/month

bettermode pricing

Glide has two different pricing models:

  1. For makers
  • Free – 10 members, 2 editors, 1 published app (limited updates)
  • Maker – Unlimited members, 500 updates/month, 2 editors, unlimited apps, $60/month
glide pricing

  1. For companies
  • Team – 20 users ($4 per additional user), unlimited apps, 25,000 rows of data, $125/month
  • Business – 40 users ($6 per additional user), everything as in Team plan + 10 million rows of data, $310/month
  • Enterprise – starting at $1200 per month, everything as in the Business plan + custom terms. You need to contact sales for details.
glide pricing



  • Simple interface
  • Versatile templates
  • Built-in CMS (no external data imports)
  • Affordable pricing
  • Responsive customer support
  • Forever free plan with robust features


  • Custom solutions
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Flexible deployment
  • Data connectivity
  • Built-in CMS 

User ratings

Users love Bettermode's intuitivity, various space options, and quick integration with external tools. 

They also love the straightforward mass actions, quick customer support, and simplicity for community members. Some users hope Bettermode will eventually expand to offer a fully white-labeled native in-app community available in app stores.

  • G2 rating: 4.6

Bettermode user ratings

When it comes to Glide, users mention easy-to-use interfaces and diverse templates for creating new Glide apps. They find it straightforward to learn and implement. 

  • G2 rating: 4.7

glide user ratings

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Bettermode vs Glide: How to build a web app

Here, we'll guide you through the step-by-step process of building a web app using both Bettermode and Glide. This way, you can choose the best and most beginner-friendly platform for you.

App creation with Bettermode

  • First, log in to your account and go to “Browse templates.” 
app creation with bettermode

  • Choose the template you like; for instance, “Even Quest” for creating and promoting company events.
choosing a template on bettermode

  • Once you click “Use template”, the site will open in a new tab. 

template bettermode

  • Now click the “Publish settings” in the bottom right corner.
settings bettermode
  • Click on the second icon on the left bar which is for content customization. It will take you to the options to change posts, spaces, tags, and CMS.

content bettermode

  • You can change or remove the existing posts by clicking on each or adding a new one by choosing the blue button “Add post” in the right corner.

adding posts on bettermode
  • The process of creating a new post is quite straightforward and intuitive—you simply fill out what’s required.
creating a post on bettermode

  • Click on “Spaces” to see all available spaces on your site. For example, here we have "Home" and "All Events." Once we click the three dots next to "All Events," the next step is the last option shown – "Customize."

spaces on bettermode

  • You’ll be redirected to the site where you can customize and change the banners, images, text, colors, etc.

browse event on bettermode

  • You can also click on “CMS pages” in Design Studio.

bettermode design studio

  • In this interface, you'll find sections called "Containers" where you can tweak elements like post title, content, event link, action bar, tags, post activity bar, publish date, title, date & time, location, category, type, cover image, hosts, and custom fields.

bettermode containters

  • To adjust logos, themes, fonts, and styles, click the fourth option labeled "Appearance" in the dropdown menu (the three circles).

bettermode logo adjustement

  • To change the logo, select the "Logos" option, where you can upload your logo and choose between light and dark modes based on your preferences.

bettermode logo adjustment

  • After you've made your adjustments, just hit "Save changes" and preview how the site looks on different devices by choosing from phone, tablet, or desktop icons.

preview the site on bettermode

  • The last step is to click the “Settings” icon, go to “Publish settings,” and click the “Publish” button. 

That’s it—your site is live now.

live site on bettermode

App creation with Glide

  • Log in to your account and open “Templates.” Then, pick the “Visit Template Store.
app creation with glide

  • You’ll be redirected to many available templates to choose from.

  • Choose the one you like and click the “Create this app” button.

  • When you open the site, it automatically displays in the phone preview mode. To switch to the desktop version, click on the option in the top right corner. However, unlike Bettermode, there's no tablet preview available.

  • Once you click “Event Management,” you can edit all events on the list.

  • On the right side, you have options such as changing the title and URL slug.

  • Once you click “My Events,” you can edit or remove the registration from your events.

  • The “Components” section contains Collection, Separator, and Container subsections. The Collection helps organize and present your table data differently and offers flexibility in design and functionality.

  • The Separator component adds vertical space between elements.

  • The Container component helps you organize and style multiple components together.

  • The Text component adds styled text to your app from your data or manually input.

  • Buttons trigger actions in apps. To add one, select a tab, click the plus symbol, and choose the Button component. Pick a style (Basic, Minimal, or Tiles) and width (Auto or Wide), add an accent if needed, and decide to show or hide the label.

  • Once you've made all the desired changes and customized the site to your liking, simply click the "Publish" button in the top right corner. 

Finally, this is what the site looks like:

Overall, both of these popular services for app building are good. The process of creating apps didn't take us long. In about an hour, we had everything ready to go. 

We can only say that we spent a bit more time on Bettermode because it allowed us to explore more options and add more elements, including more text boxes, forms, visuals, etc. 

Bettermode allowed us to do everything we imagined. On the other hand, we spent some extra time on Glide while trying to find some nonexistent or too hard-to-find features, like adding a logo. 

Comparison table

Templates Customization Own CMS/Integrations User-friendliness Best for Pricing
Bettermode 11 ready-to-use web app templates (more templates coming soon)
Customizable templates and design
Own CMS and 20+ integrations
Flexible and simple functions Businesses and enterprises of all industries Offers free plan.
Other plans start at $24 per month.
Glide 100+ ready-to-use templates Moderate customization options, particularly in the free plan— ideal for small and mid-sized businesses. Own CMS and 30+ integrations. Drag-and-drop features Small to midsize organizations Offers free plan.
Other plans start at $60 per month.


When comparing Bettermode vs Glide, we found that Bettermode offers more flexibility, advanced features, and customization options.

Also, Glide requires complex setups with multiple table columns for certain functions, and Bettermode provides a much smoother experience. While both app builders have their own CMS, Bettermode could be more affordable. 

It's perfect for creating forums, online classes, job boards, knowledge bases, event planning, product roadmaps, and much more.

And finally—Bettermode's free plan allows comprehensive app creation, resulting in more polished and professional web and mobile apps.

Get started, it is free!

Is there anything better than Glide?

Bettermode is an alternative to Glide and one of the best no-code platforms due to its user-friendly interface, budget-friendly CMS, extensive customization options, and integration capabilities. 

What is the difference between Adalo and Glide?

Glide uses Google Sheets for data, but Adalo offers flexibility with its open-ended database, compatible with any data source through REST API. This means you're not tied to a single tool and can easily use your existing data.

Is Glide or Bubble better?

Glide offers customizable templates, whereas Bubble does not have that option. On the other side, Bubble has more than 1000 templates, while Glide has around 100. So, choosing the right no-code platform depends on your specific needs and preferences.

What is the Glide app used for?

Glide app is great for quick app development using templates and importing data from sources like Google Sheets or Excel.

Francisco Opazo
Head of Growth & Community, Bettermode

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