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Bettermode vs. Mighty Networks: Choosing the Perfect Platform for Your Community

Discover the key differences between Bettermode and Mighty Networks, two popular platforms for building customer communities.
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Kerry Leech
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October 23, 2023

Are you on the hunt for the perfect community engagement platform for your business? It can feel like you're finding your way through a maze with so many choices out there. 

In this post we're diving deep into a side-by-side comparison of two popular platforms – Bettermode and Mighty Networks. Each has its own set of features, benefits, and yes, a few drawbacks too. Depending on your budget and what you're looking for – whether it's a thriving customer community or top-notch educational content delivery solution, we've got you covered.

To help you decide, let's delve into the advantages and disadvantages of each platform and discover their ideal use cases. 👇

Bettermode vs Mighty Networks: Quick overview

Before diving into the specifics of each platform, let's first understand the overview of each one.


Bettermode is an all-in-one customer community platform that focuses on powerful customization options, a beautiful template gallery, and a comprehensive suite of social community management tools. Plus it offers an App Store for integrations with third-party business apps and easy-to-use embed options.

Community Space Templates by Bettermode

Bettermode has everything you need to run your community, all in one place — with spaces for different use cases such as forum discussions, ideation, help center, events, and product roadmap

In a nutshell, it offers businesses and community managers everything they need to build a community from the ground up. With everything under one roof, Bettermode increases user engagement to create a thriving online community that fosters engagement, promoting peer-to-peer support and interaction with user-generated content among members, to drive organic traffic.

💡You can check out a quick overview here.

Sample community powered by Bettermode

The platform is designed to help brands build online communities with complete customization at their fingertips. All on a highly scalable platform which can support anywhere from thousands to millions of members for any given community. 

📈 Leading to results like these:

  • 3x better user engagement 
  • 50% fewer support tickets 
  • +20 increase in NPS and CSAT scores 
  • 30% increase in organic traffic 

Mighty Networks

Sample community powered by Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks is a community platform with three custom pricing plans. It offers businesses a range of tools to engage and build lasting relationships with their customers. The beginner's plan offers the ability to build a community with paid memberships, events, and a branded website.  

The Mighty Networks Business Plan is described as best for coaches and courses, whilst the Mighty Pro plan includes the Business Plan with Apps and a white-labeled web and app product. It is primarily aimed at growing a digital business, bringing together courses, community events, live streaming, and payments together in one place. 

Finally, Mighty Networks offers an analytics dashboard to help you track the performance of your community. With this feature, you can see how many members are joining your community, how engaged they are, and what content is resonating with them. Overall, Mighty Networks is a good platform for creators looking to monetize their audiences. 

Pros and Cons 

In comparing Bettermode to Mighty Networks, it is crucial to consider both platforms' strengths and drawbacks:

Pros of Bettermode

  • Bettermode provides users with a range of features and tools, including a powerful Design Studio to build unique communities.
  • Bettermode offers professionally crafted pre-made templates.
  • The platform provides detailed analytics and insights to help businesses understand their audience and community engagement.
  • Easy-to-use and beautiful interface
  • Rich App Store with direct integration with popular business tools such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Zendesk
  • Embedding capabilities to integrate community into web and mobile apps
  • Single Sign-On functionality
  • Gamification and moderation tools
  • Developer platform to build custom solutions on top of Bettermode
  • Supported in languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, and more

Cons of Bettermode

  • Lack of a mobile app (Trustradius.com)
  • Users say: “I find it hard to fault, so I'm not going to add something that I least like just to fill in a box” (GetApp.co.uk)

Pros of Mighty Networks

  • Mighty Networks provides users with a platform for creating an online course or virtual classroom and hosting webinars, making it ideal for creators that want to teach their students.
  • Affordable pricing, making it accessible for creators of all sizes.
  • The customer service and support team provides responsive help to its customers.
  • Mighty Networks allows businesses to create custom branding and themes only on its Mighty Pro plan.
  • The platform offers integration with Zapier to enable seamless workflow management.

Cons of Mighty Networks

  • While Mighty Networks provides creators with a range of tools to help grow their community, the platform does not have the same range of tools that Bettermode offers and users report: “It's a little frustrating how many outside products/apps I need to subscribe to, learn, master and keep "up" on, etc. to be able to do everything I need to do to serve my community and make it worth paying for” (GetApp.co.uk)
  • Users report that Mighty Networks: “Customer support is no good. I don't even bother reaching out anymore”. (GetApp.co.uk)
  • Customization options on Mighty Networks can be limited, especially for businesses with complex requirements.
  • The platform's analytics and reporting features are not as comprehensive as Bettermode's, which may make it difficult for businesses to track their community's growth and engagement.

👉 In conclusion, both Bettermode and Mighty Networks offer unique features and tools that can help businesses grow their communities and engage with their customers. Bettermode shines for its advanced customization options, easy embed tools, and beautiful templates. 

On the other hand, Mighty Networks offers affordable pricing, but its customization options and integrations are limited. Ultimately, businesses should consider their specific requirements and choose the platform that best fits their needs and budget.

Pricing comparison

Undoubtedly, a pivotal consideration when choosing between Bettermode and Mighty Networks is the cost factor, which directly impacts both your initial investment and ongoing operational expenses. Let’s see how they compare.


If you're looking for more advanced features, Bettermode's Advanced and Enterprise tiers may be more up your alley. 

  • The Advanced tier at $599 per month includes features such as advanced apps, SSO, Fully white label, API and webhooks, Staging environment and customer success manager.
  • The Enterprise tier includes everything in the Advanced package plus even more features such as Enterprise-grade security, Data residency, Audit and activity log, Uptime SLA, Master Service agreement and SAML authentication. 

Psst. You can check out Bettermode’s pricing plans here.

Mighty Networks

On the other hand, Mighty Networks offers a Community Plan for $33 per month that allows businesses to build a community with live streaming, memberships, events and a branded website. This is a great option for creators just starting out or those on a tight budget. However, keep in mind that this package has limitations, such as limited access to features.

The Mighty Pro package is billed as the best for brands and offers the ability to have your own IOS and android apps, branded app notifications, white-labeled web and app experience and strategy and migration services and support. 

💡The bottom line: Ultimately, the decision between Bettermode and Mighty Networks comes down to your business's unique needs and budget. Both platforms offer a range of features and pricing tiers to support businesses at different stages of community building.

Exploring the Benefits of Bettermode and Mighty Networks

Both Bettermode and Mighty Networks offer several benefits that businesses can use to their advantage. In this next section, we’ll delve deeper into the benefits of these two platforms and how they can help businesses to grow and engage with their communities.

Bettermode benefits

Bettermode's unified self-service support solution offers a knowledge base, Q&A, and resource center, seamlessly integrated into one platform. 

Help Center built with Bettermode

Common questions can be addressed with help articles and a comprehensive knowledge repository. Content can be created with text, images, and videos. Customers can share feedback and engage in conversations, building stronger relationships and more overall general satisfaction.

Plus, customers can share their knowledge and help others in the community. And customers can filter through the content and find the right answer for them with context. 

Bettermode Post Editor

Users say: “Our SaaS company wanted to build an online community. We trialed all the big players and easily selected (Bettermode). Our online community is flourishing and our users LOVE it. We were able to brand the color scheme so it matched ours and it fits like a glove. We are big fans both as an organization as well as members of the community”.  (Trustpilot) 

Mighty Networks benefits

One of the most significant benefits is the ability to have a white-label membership site. This way, creators can maintain complete control over their community and brand. They can customize the design, layout, and functionality of their community to match their brand's look and feel.

Mighty Networks also provides a native mobile app experience, allowing community members to access the community no matter where they are. 

Mighty Networks mobile app

Another benefit of Mighty Networks is that it offers Spaces in order to have virtual events, live streaming, discussion forums, chat and messaging.

But users say: “I do wish we could customize different groups and chats, maybe add a search feature to make it easier and organized for our app users to find what they need in our community since we post so much” (GetApp).

Choosing your community platform

If you are looking for an all-in-one community platform complete with discussion forum, Q&A, events, knowledge base, and feedback tool for customer engagement, Bettermode may be the perfect choice. But ultimately, the final decision comes down to your business's unique requirements.

A business looking to foster an active community with an emphasis on customer retention and engagement will find Bettermode more fitting, while a creator seeking educational content delivery capabilities as well as monetization, will lean towards Mighty Networks.

Get a demo

📖 For more on this, use Bettermode’s 15-point Checklist or use CommunityScout to find the best community solution for your brand.

Or if you still have unanswered questions, take a look at the most frequently asked questions below.

Bettermode vs. Mighty Networks: frequently asked questions

1. Which platform is more affordable in the long run?

It depends on the business's community-building needs. While Bettermode's prices are on the higher side, it could be more affordable for businesses with more extensive community-building needs. Bettermode offers a range of features that can help businesses manage their communities more effectively. These features include advanced customization, custom branding, and integrations with other tools.

On the other hand, Mighty Networks offers an affordable option for creators and those with limited budgetary commitments. Mighty Networks has a range of pricing plans (starts from $33/month) to suit different business needs. 

2. Which platform offers a mobile application for community members?

Mighty Networks offers a mobile app that community members can use to interact with the platform on the go. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Community members can access all the features of the platform through the app, including messaging, notifications, and content creation.

3. Can businesses host webinars on both platforms?

The Mighty Networks platform offers a range of features that make it easy for community builders to host webinars, including a built-in webinar tool. Bettermode also offers webinar hosting tools, and Bettermode's webinar tool allows businesses to host live webinars and record them for later viewing.

4. Which platform is more suitable for businesses with more extensive community-building needs?

Bettermode offers tools and features that make scaling a community relatively easy, making it an ideal platform for businesses with larger communities. The platform offers advanced analytics tools that businesses can use to track community growth and engagement. Bettermode also offers custom branding options and block-based builder, allowing businesses to create a unique look and feel for their community.

Mighty Networks offers a range of features for managing and growing a community, including member segmentation tools and monetization tools.

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