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Rebranding Announcement: Bettermode

Today, we're excited to introduce Bettermode, a new brand identity that better communicates what our platform does.
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October 23, 2023


Here is a brief summary of Tribe's rebranding to Bettermode and the focus area for our team.

New brand

Today, we're excited to introduce Bettermode, a new brand identity that better communicates what our platform does.

Meaning of the new name

The name Bettermode signifies our internal guiding principle that promotes constant improvements and the belief that there is no ceiling for growth.

Capabilities of the platform

Bettermode is an all-in-one customer community platform with unified engagement tools designed to help businesses offer streamlined customer experience and build better relationships.

Changes based on rebranding

The company name, logo, website, community, and all associated brand elements have been updated.

Today, we're excited to introduce a new brand identity that better communicates what our platform does. This isn't just a fresh look for our company — it’s an expression of how we improve continuously, set higher standards in everything we do, and live up to the name.

Why Tribe has rebranded to Bettermode

To understand why a complete rebranding was necessary, let’s go back to the beginning.

Need for a customer community platform

Tribe started in 2018 as a community platform with one goal: empowering businesses to connect and help customers in a modern online community under their brand.

As various businesses started launching customer communities with the Tribe Platform, we realized that businesses need powerful customization features for their unique use cases. That's why we built some of the most unique customization tools and made it easy to build a community without coding using premade templates.

We also identified that companies are using several different tools to engage customers for various business goals. For instance, support forums, ideation and feedback portal, knowledge base, etc. live in silos resulting in poor data integration and broken customer experiences.

What if we could build many different types of premade templates using powerful customization tools to support different use cases in one place? One unified customer hub to connect, educate, and communicate with customers.

This is exactly our next product evolution. In fact, the Bettermode Platform currently offers close to 10 templates — from discussions and Q&A to ideation and events.

Mission: unifying engagement and breaking silos

From then on, the product evolution towards unifying customer engagement as well as better brand communication paved the way for rebranding. We also decided to emphasize our internal principles for excellence through the brand name.

When the teams that build customer relationships engage customers in one place using one platform, the businesses get a holistic view of different customer interactions, and the customer experience improves.

Now let’s fast forward to 2023.

Product teams are collecting ideas and feedback using a template for ideation. Customer support and success teams are building resource centers and knowledge base. Marketing teams are communicating with customers, organizing events, and scaling content generation with the help of customers.

Bettermode benefits

The all-in-one community engagement platform. For mid-sized and enterprise companies.

Bettermode has evolved from Tribe and it'll continue to develop. First, it was a platform for companies to launch their branded community based on familiar social media experiences.

Then, it became a unified customer community platform to help businesses build better customer relationships with the power of unique customization tools. And above all, we aim to keep it easy to use.

The Bettermode platform is now SOC II certified, GDPR-compliant, and CCPA-compliant. It offers a data residency option to large businesses to adhere to local government regulations. Apart from that, for security, it is possible to use custom SSL, a custom security header, and track everything using audit logs.

The platform is flexible and scalable enough to support the unique requirements of large enterprises.

2. What brand elements are changing

The following brand elements are changing

  • The company name
  • The logo
  • The colors
  • The illustration style

As you can see every brand element is changing making it a complete rebrand.

What does the name Bettermode mean?

As we set our sights on creating a new software category for customer engagement, we wanted a name that would capture a theme that has remained consistent throughout our journey - that of continuous improvement, adaptation, and setting the bar higher and higher for everything we do. That's embodied by Bettermode.

Whether it's continuously improving our product, how we serve our customers, or how we serve our team, we're always striving to ship something better than what we shipped yesterday.

For our personal development and our product, there is no ceiling for growth. This is why we see ourselves in a constant state of improvement, versus reaching “best” as a final destination. Our product is also a new type of software that will unlock growth through ideation, education, and advocacy in a new and improved way compared with the tools our customers currently have at their disposal.

What does the Bettermode logo signify?

The logo features a toggle button to signify that with Bettermode, a better customer experience is switched on which in turn leads to higher customer retention and growth.

The green color signifies growth, freshness, and a forward-thinking approach.

Bettermode logomark

3. Why focus on customer engagement

Short answer: in today’s world, customer engagement is the most important factor for retaining more customers, building a community of loyal fans, and ultimately activating growth.

For years, sales teams and marketing teams were the main drivers of growth for the biggest tech companies—think of industry giants like IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle.

But the last decade saw the explosion of product-led growth (PLG), driven by how easy it is for SaaS companies to distribute software online. Solutions such as Calendly and Slack are good examples here.

The next decade will be about harnessing the power of existing customers and the natural desire we all have for the community. This is where building better relationships, streamlining the customer experience, and the power of community through thoughtful customer engagement comes into play.

Figma and Notion are amazing examples of companies that are successfully driving growth through existing customers. In today’s age, this is how winning brands will be built.

Customer-led growth

4. What’s next for Bettermode

In the coming years, we’ll continue to work with our customers to build the all-in-one customer community platform with unified engagement tools. This will empower businesses to offer streamlined customer experience and build better customer relationships.

Director of Marketing, Bettermode

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