A worksheet for community engagement plan

A free template to organize and communicate your community engagement ideas

Community engagement is integral to the success of your community, and a well-crafted engagement plan is like a compass, guiding your team toward your goals and visions. But let's be real, with so many engagement tactics, creating a plan from scratch can feel like trying to assemble IKEA furniture without the manual.

Our worksheet for creating a community engagement plan has everything you need to hit the ground running. It comes with all the crucial sections laid out, from an executive summary to engagement strategies, success metrics, and budgeting.

This template is a massive time-saver for community managers. It provides a professional and structured format, allowing you to focus on filling in the relevant information rather than fretting over the structure or missing out on critical elements. 

Grab this template today, save precious time, and get ready to engage your community like never before!