Identifying Key Community Trends for 2021

Explore the factors driving trends in the community space and learn how to navigate them.

The year 2020 transformed the entire world! Looking back, it’s just astounding to imagine the type of paradigm shift a few months can make. Apart from the pandemic, we all had to go through a series of disasters across the globe. Some were man-made, some were natural, but they had a deep impact on the social, economic, and political landscape.

In the middle of these unimaginable challenges, communities have helped us with social inclusiveness and offered a platform for people to get help. It is quite possible that in 2021, we will still spend the majority of the year without large in-person connections. Hence, as the facilitators of connections, the entire ecosystem of community people have great roles to play and keep the human spirit alive.

Although it is hard to predict the future, people with technical expertise in their domain can connect the dots and help others to stay prepared. With that in mind, at Tribe, we connected with experts in the community and business space to learn in greater detail what to expect in the coming years.

As a gist, this book looks into communities and social elements as a strategic advantage, the emergence of niche communities, adoption of communities in non-traditional businesses, diversification of community professionals’ roles, and growth in virtual events space. It covers the factors driving trends in the community space and how to navigate them.

This book is dedicated to the resilient communities who have kept the world going and infused the hope of better times ahead!