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How Communities Show Love to Members

Unlock the secrets to boosting community engagement! Discover how top communities show love, from gamification to surprise gifts. Dive in now!
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Beth Ellwood
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October 23, 2023

Showing love to appreciation to the community members to the key to keeping community engaged, active and growing.

You may have tried different approaches only to be met with lukewarm responses or even worse, silence. The fear sets in...what if they lose interest? What if your community becomes a ghost town?

But here's the truth...

It is easy to crack the code on engagement strategies with a set of tried and tested methods. Let's dive in!

Note: This blog post is based on a webinar we conducted on how communities show love to members. Jenny Weigle was the expert speaker.

Recognizing and rewarding community members

A thriving online community is built on the foundation of member engagement. One effective way to increase this engagement is by acknowledging members' contributions in various forms, such as badges or leaderboards.

The role of gamification in recognition

Gamification can be a powerful tool for boosting member engagement. By transforming participation into an exciting game with rewards, you give your members compelling reasons to contribute more actively. But how do we effectively implement gamified systems?

Encouraging collaboration and recognizing contributions are key to creating a successful gamified system. A well-implemented system motivates users to participate regularly while enhancing overall member experience.

Leaderboard powered by Bettermode

Using badges for member appreciation

Digital tokens like badges serve as visual representations of achievements within the community - they're simple yet effective ways of recognizing effort from participants.

Earning a badge gives both status recognition within the group and personal satisfaction - two elements that significantly boost morale and encourage continued active involvement.

Badge displayed on the member profile

Status recognition within communities

Beyond tangible rewards like badges lies another crucial aspect: status recognition. This non-tangible reward plays an important role in increasing levels of interaction among online communities. When someone gets promoted or earns a title change due to their consistent contribution towards building vibrant virtual spaces, it signifies progress which encourages further commitment.

Platforms like Bettermode have successfully implemented these membership tiers highlighting different degrees of participation shown by the community members.

Swags as Tangible Rewards

Swags (Stuff We All Get) are possibly one of the most exciting ways to recognize an individual's valuable input. Sending out branded merchandise adds excitement around being part of an engaged digital space.

Swag Item Description
T-Shirts Customized t-shirts with the community logo or slogan.
Stickers Fun and colorful stickers of the community logo, mascot, or related graphics.
Mugs Ceramic mugs with the community logo or a catchy phrase.
Notebooks and Pens Branded notebooks and pens for jotting down notes or ideas.
Tote Bags Eco-friendly tote bags with the community branding.
Keychains Keychains featuring the community logo or a related symbol.
Lanyards Lanyards with the community name, perfect for events or conferences.
USB Flash Drives Flash drives with the community logo, useful for sharing digital resources.
Water Bottles Reusable water bottles with the community branding, promoting sustainability.
Hoodies and Sweatshirts Warm and cozy hoodies or sweatshirts with the community logo or slogan.

Celebration surveys for personalized engagement

Engaging your community members effectively requires a deep understanding of their likes, motivations, personal goals, and milestones. Celebration surveys are an excellent tool to gain these insights.

Crafting effective celebration surveys

The first step in creating effective celebration surveys involves identifying what information you need from your community members. Interests? Aspirations? Achievements they're proud of? Open-ended questions can encourage detailed responses that provide valuable context about each member's experience.

A well-crafted survey isn't too long; otherwise, respondents might feel overwhelmed and abandon it midway through. It needs just enough engaging questions to inspire thoughtful answers without causing fatigue or disinterest among participants.

Utilizing survey results for tailored rewards

Data collected from surveys offer invaluable insights into how best to engage individual members within online communities. If many younger generations join because environmental concerns top their list of priorities, you may consider introducing eco-friendly initiatives as part of your member engagement strategy.

In addition, personalized details gathered via celebration surveys should be utilized when recognizing individuals' contributions - whether during live events featuring them or in newsletters to fellow members. This approach helps increase engagement by making recognition efforts resonate more deeply with recipients as they feel seen and valued at a personal level.

Surprise elements in community management

The introduction of surprise elements into your community management strategy can work wonders to enhance member engagement. This approach typically involves unexpected gifts, which could range from coffee gift certificates to commemorative spray cans sent out randomly to a select group of community members.

Ideas for surprise gifts

In the realm of online communities, it's often the small gestures that leave lasting impressions. A well-thought-out surprise gift not only creates an unforgettable experience but also plays a significant role in boosting member engagement. For instance, digital goods like e-books or access codes for premium content related directly to your community's focus area make excellent surprises.

If budget permits, tangible items such as branded merchandise bearing your community logo are another great option. These might include T-shirts or mugs; however, don't shy away from thinking outside the box with unique offerings like custom-made artwork or personalized stationery sets.

The crux is ensuring these surprises resonate with and hold meaning for your members - this is where celebration surveys come into play by providing valuable insights on what types of surprises would be most appreciated by them.

Implementing "Surprise & Delight" strategy

A successful 'surprise & delight' strategy necessitates careful planning and execution. Begin by pinpointing opportunities when surprising members will add value. These moments could coincide with milestone celebrations within the platform or occur at random intervals throughout the year.

Balancing how frequently these pleasant shocks happen is crucial too. High frequency may dilute their impact while infrequent may fail to generate enough excitement among fellow participants. Based upon resources capacity without compromising regular activities within the growing membership base over time becomes a key consideration.

To gauge the effectiveness of the initiative, track metrics such as increased activity levels post-gift distribution, positive mentions received, and gifts shared on social media platforms. While data is important for measuring success, it is equally essential to listen closely to anecdotal evidence and stories shared by delighted recipients who felt genuinely valued.

This helps foster an emotional connection between the brand and the audience, a critical factor in aiming towards building a loyal following. Conversely, consider that quantitative data may not always accurately reflect the sentiment of an audience.

💡Key Takeaway:

Surprise gifts can supercharge community engagement, creating memorable experiences and boosting member activity. Whether it's digital goods or unique physical items, the key is to ensure these surprises resonate with your members. Track metrics post-gift distribution but also listen to anecdotal evidence from delighted recipients for a comprehensive view of your strategy's success.

Addressing negative behavior

On one side lies the need to address negative behavior and maintain discipline; on the other, there's an equally important need to show love and appreciation towards members.

Negative behaviors in online communities can range from minor disagreements that escalate into full-blown conflicts or instances of trolling disrupting healthy discussions. The key here is not just managing these situations but doing so effectively without causing further discord within your member base.

The first step involves setting clear guidelines for acceptable conduct within platforms. These rules should be communicated clearly and consistently so every new member joining knows what's expected right off the bat.

If someone steps out of line, it doesn't necessarily mean immediate punitive measures such as account suspension or banning are required. Instead, consider reaching out privately—explain why their actions were inappropriate while giving them an opportunity to correct their behavior before taking more drastic action if necessary.

💡Key Takeaway:

Walking the tightrope of community management requires a delicate balance between addressing negative behavior and showing appreciation. Setting clear guidelines, handling disputes privately, and using celebration surveys can help maintain this equilibrium. Remember to celebrate achievements openly while constructively addressing issues for an overall healthier dialogue.

Farewell strategies that value members' contributions

When a member decides to leave, it's not just about losing a number; it's about appreciating their contributions and ensuring they depart with positive sentiments regarding their experience.

To effectively manage this process, here are some key strategies that can help you value departing members while boosting engagement within your existing community:

Sending personalized farewell messages

The first step in an effective farewell strategy is sending personalized messages to those who decide to part ways with your community. This isn't merely saying goodbye but rather expressing appreciation for their valuable contribution over time.

A well-crafted message serves as a reminder that each individual has made an impact on fellow members during their tenure. It also paves the way for maintaining long-term relationships which could lead back towards re-engagement or even new referrals down the line.

Maintaining ppen channels of communication

When one door closes another opens - or so goes the old adage. Just because someone leaves doesn't mean communication should cease altogether. Encourage exiting individuals by letting them know they're always welcome if circumstances change or there might be future opportunities where they can lend expertise again. Insided recommends this approach as being beneficial when managing larger communities like yours.

Celebrating departing members publicly

If appropriate and given consent from leaving participants, consider publicly recognizing these contributors either through live events or posts across social media platforms used by other target members within your growing communities.

This tactic helps boost member engagement since recognition encourages others to see worth in contributing actively themselves.

In addition, public acknowledgments foster empathy among remaining loyal users towards disengaged ones - helping highlight how much each person's journey matters regardless of whether people join (or have to exit) such groups.

All said: farewells aren't necessarily endings but potential beginnings anew. By showing gratitude at every juncture, we ensure all feel respected no matter what path life takes next after joining our vibrant online space.

💡Key Takeaway:

Don't view member departures as losses, but opportunities for new beginnings. Send personalized farewell messages to appreciate their contributions and maintain open communication channels. Celebrate them publicly if possible, fostering empathy among remaining members and encouraging active participation.

Start spreading love

Recognizing and rewarding community members is a powerful engagement strategy. It's all about appreciating their contributions, using gamification techniques, badges, status recognition, leaderboards, or even tangible rewards.

Celebration surveys offer a personalized approach to engagement. They help you understand your members better and tailor meaningful rewards based on their likes and goals.

Surprise elements can greatly enhance member engagement. Think unexpected gifts or implementing the "surprise & delight" strategy into your community management plan.

If you're looking for ways to boost engagement within your online customer community platform, then Bettermode has got you covered! Our all-in-one solution offers an all-in-one platform for community engagement.

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