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White-label Community Software: Definition and Benefits

White-label community software can be customized to adhere to a subscriber’s own brand guidelines.
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Duncan Elder
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October 23, 2023


A white label community platform is a customizable software that allows customers to design an online community unique to their brand and style. Brands have the power to create an online community closely based on their company’s design and customized to suit their community needs. The software can also be developed and tweaked for a better customer experience.

A white-label community software appears as your company designed it, but the developer owns the source code. The right to access the software is leased over an agreed-upon subscription term. However, the software does not show any branding of the underlying software product.

White-label community software is popular because it does not require any special programming or coding skills. It takes low effort to create a unique community.

What are the benefits of using white-label community software?


A white-label community software lets community builders skip the coding and program development. Since the software is designed with customizable features, it’s easy for community builders to design the community they want without building the platform from scratch.

Saves time and money.

This software saves your company money since you do not have to hire an experienced programming team or build the site on your own. It also saves time since you can spend less effort building the community. This means that white-label community software allows businesses to launch an online community much faster than developing the platform internally.

Gives brands total control.

A white-label community software gives the company total control over its platform. Brands can create many different types of communities that can be modified easily. Also, the software will have analytic features, SEO features, and web design. White-label community software will also have a support team to assist your organization with building your community.

How do you choose the best white-label community software?

Obviously, the best way to choose a white-label community software is to focus on what type of community you want to host. The community should be designed with your members in mind, and so should its software.

The best white-label community software should be user-friendly and allow you to manage your community with ease. It should have excellent community management tools that let community builders organize the community as they see fit.

A white-label community software should also have great multimedia support. It should be simple to post different media content, like images and webinars, or even conduct online courses. The media content should be posted in high quality.

The white label community software should seamlessly integrate into your brand’s website and applications. Your members should always have access to your community no matter where they interact with your brand.

Popular features of white-label community software

Here are some popular features of white-label community software:

  • Customization and branding
  • The community can be fully customized based on business needs and the community adopts the branding guidelines of the company. Everything from the custom domain to email notifications is based on the customer’s brand.
  • Activity stream
  • The activity stream is the feed that hosts all the posted content in one central hub. This is where important updates are posted.
  • Post type
  • The different types of posts visible within your community, i.e., videos, polls, blogs, updates, Q&As, etc.
  • Networking
  • The way that members connect and interact with one another and community administrators. You may allow members to follow one another as a special feature.
  • Content organization
  • The way that you decide to organize and categorize the content in your community. Whether that’s creating specific category threads or subgroups.
  • Reactions
  • Reactions allow your members to react to posts or like or dislike the content.
  • Notification
  • A notification keeps your members updated about the community through email, push notifications, and other methods.
  • Moderation
  • A moderation feature lets community administrators structure the community to keep it safe and ensure the best all-around user experience.
  • Analytics
  • Analytics allow community managers to analyze the community’s data and create key metrics for the community. Metrics like engagement rate, member growth, and retention rate are all standard analytics.

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