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Bettermode Automation: 20 Zapier Integrations to Boost Productivity

There are hundreds of ways to connect your workflows to other apps integrated with Zapier. Let’s look at some of the most popular ways Bettermode customers use Zapier today.
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October 23, 2023

People are driven by processes and it is all the more important for companies where groups of people collaboratively work. For instance, when a prospective client expresses interest by sending a message, you have a set process to engage with the prospect. It could involve connecting with the right salesperson, showing a demo, recording the requirements, and sending a pricing plan.

This workflow and every other process work seamlessly by connecting and syncing data between several tools. Bettermode, as a community platform, empowers you to add social touchpoints across the user journey. This requires integration with third-party tools.

Also, as a community manager, you should be able to automate processes and turn your community into a set of automated actions to improve productivity.

Bettermode is much more than a community software, it’s a platform that brings together customer engagement tools, communication tools, and publishing capabilities into one platform.

all-in-one customer engagement
“The flexibility of the platform is great. When it comes to content structure or design, you can get creative. I also really enjoy the additional apps available on the app store as well as the amazing team behind Bettermode.“ – Mariah, Head of Community at Schoolhouse

When you plugin in Zapier into Bettermode, you can simply unlock countless ways to automate workflows — there are 2000+ third-party apps with which you can integrate Bettermode via Zapier. It could be apps such as Slack and ActiveCampaign to Stripe and Typeform. This means the manual activities that you used to perform, can get automated via Zapier.

Use Bettermode and Zapier to:

  • Build smarter marketing campaigns
  • Create better reports
  • Streamline customer support and feedback
  • Monetize your community
  • Acquire high-quality members

How to set up automation with Bettermode and Zapier

Bettermode helps you create and manage your online community, while Zapier helps you connect your community to other third-party apps so that data can automatically flow between them. Before we discuss different ways to integrate Bettermode with other apps, let's explore how Zaiper works.

If you already know how Zapier works, you can directly move to the subscriber acquisition section.

Here's an example: with Zapier, you can connect Bettermode to team messaging app Slack, so that new posts in Bettermode are relayed directly to the right teams in your company. This means whenever a question, discussion, or any other is created in your community, a Zap (an instance of Zapier automation) gets triggered post the message in a Slack channel.

To set up a Zap, first, connect your Bettermode account to Zapier:

Tribe Slack Integration

After this step, you need to connect to your Slack account.

Slack message

Then, you can customize the Zap. For instance, you can configure it to send the message either from a bot or your own Slack username.

Then, you can customize the Zap. For instance, you can configure it to send the message either from a bot or your own Slack username.Finalize the customization of your Bettermode Zap and turn it on. Now, every time a new post is added to your community, Zapier will post a message about it to Slack. That just saved you the hassle of manually messaging various teams for each post.

There are hundreds of other ways you could connect your Bettermode workflows to other apps integrated with Zapier. Let’s look at some of the most popular ways Bettermode customers use Zapier today.

Build smarter marketing campaigns

Boosting your email subscriber base as you acquire new members

Nothing is more satisfying than watching your subscriber list grow. You feel motivated when people show interest in your community and join as members. A great way to keep your members updated and improve retention is to send them well-crafted newsletters.

The best way to automatically add the community members to your newsletter service provider is to use a Zap to trigger whenever a member joins your community. Your email service software could be any of the popular solutions such as ConvertKit, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign.

Bettermode Zaps are quite customizable, This means you can also trigger the Zap when someone joins a specific group (sub-community) inside your community.

You can use Google Sheets to segment contacts based on the groups they have joined in your community and send them to various MailChimp email lists.You can also add offline contacts to your community using FullContact's Card Reader tool, which digitizes business cards. A Zap can then send the information from FullContact over to Bettermode Community.

If you are selling courses, ebooks, and offering coaching programs, you might want to gather your clients in an online community.

In these cases, a Zap to add your customers to the community can be useful. Here are the examples of the Zaps when you are using Gumroad or Stripe:

Add your contacts to Bettermodermode Community as members

To get the most out of Bettermode as a community platform, you need to make sure all of your company’s contacts are to your community. You can add new contacts to Bettermode by sending email invitations and bulk uploads.

However, it is quite easy to automatically sync contacts between your existing CRM solution and Bettermode Platform.Here are some examples of Zaps:

Similarly, contacts added to your MailChimp lists can also be invited to the community to join as members. This applies to communities that you run for students who are subscribed to your courses on solutions such as Teachable and Thinkific.


Run custom reports

Reporting brings so many insights to your business, but it's often dreaded because of the work involved. It doesn't have to be difficult, though. Bettermode comes with a variety of reporting tools, so you can pinpoint exactly what is going on in with your community and continuously make improvements.

Plugging Bettermode in with Zapier gives you even more choices for reporting while keeping manual data entry out of your reporting process. Say goodbye to importing and exporting with these Zaps. You can create Zaps to create data dumps in a Google Sheet and that data stream can power custom reporting.There's more than just spreadsheets, too -- you can run reports in Airtable a simple yet powerful database reporting tool.

For example, you can get answers to question like "What is the popular post created in the community this week?"If you prefer to automatically create reports with dashboard tools such as Cyfe or Dasheroo, use these Zaps:

Clean up your community data

The variety of fields available in Bettermode allows you to dive deep into the user-generated content on your community. However, often they can contain characters that cannot be processed by your analytics system.

That's when creating a clean dataset becomes crucial.You can create a Zap to use Zapier's Formatter app, which re-formats data mid-Zap. For example, you can remove any stray spaces or characters, make sure certain fields are normalized and data fields are properly transformed for further processing.

Perform text analytics

Your community generates an immense amount of user-generated content (UGC). A large part of the content would be in text format unless your business case is around images, videos, and audio.It makes a lot of sense to analyze the UGC via analytics tools.

Although professionals equipped with statistics, analytics, and data science skills are required to extract insights from the content, it has become relatively easy for non-programmers to analyze data via API and off-the-shelf tools.

One such solution is MonkeyLearn -- using Zapier you can set up an automation to send the content generated in your community to MonkeyLarn's Classification tool. This can be further used to perform techniques such as sentiment analysis.

You can even push the community content to Google Sheets and leverage Google's Natural Language API to perform various analyses.

Streamline customer support and feedback

Communicate community updates to your team

Bettermode is useful for informing your team as important posts get created in the community. By connecting Bettermode to your team communication tool, you can make sure your team gets real-time updates from Bettermode.

A popular way to do this is to enable a Zap between Bettermode and Slack. This Zap would notify you and your team members when a relevant content gets posted in the community. For example, you might want to inform your product team when feedback gets shared in the community and bring your support team into the loop in case a member has posted an issue.

Centralize feedback collected from the community

Often online communities leverage the direct channel with the members to collect candid feedback on the company's products and services. Even the feedback on the community is also collected directly from the members.

You can use Zap to send feedback gathered from your Bettermode Community over to the CRM software so that all information is consolidated in one place for easy reference.This data will allow you to see every customer feedback a member has submitted. You can use a Zap like the following to send the feedback from your community:

Monetize your community

Put your community behind a paywall

In some cases, the online community is the product (e.g., subscription-based membership communities). This means would pay an amount to join your community. Often it is a monthly recurring payment; however, it can be a one-time payment as well.

Also, you might want to keep the whole community behind a paywall or part of the community (e.g., exclusive private or secret groups). Irrespective of the use case, you can do this by integrating with Stripe via Zaps.

You can go a step further by issuing invoices via QuickBooks using multi-step Zaps. Bettermode can also integrate with any other payment processor and invoice software.

Acquire high-quality members

Invite members to join the community based on a questionnaire

We have noticed that some community managers only allow members to join a community only when they meet certain criteria. The deciding factor is mostly around the knowledge or the expertise the member possesses.

For instance, if you are running a Community of Practice for experienced people in forex trading, you would only want members with the right domain knowledge.This can be done by creating a landing page and embedding a form such as Typeform or Google Forms.

When a member submits the answers via the form, you would get notified and when you change the status to approved, an invitation would be sent. Here is a Zap that allows you to precisely do that:

Bettermode + Zapier

Your workflow can be automated with Bettermode and Zapier. Zapier integrates with 5000+ apps, many of which didn't make it into this post. You can get creative with new use cases for plugging these apps into Bettermode using Zapier.

Director of Marketing, Bettermode

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