A trusted partner in the lives of pets and pet owners — the story of DeineTierwelt


Bettermode helped us seamlessly launch a customized social media-type community complete with feeds, groups, and different post types to improve user engagement on our marketplace.

Philip Stappen
Product Manager
Philip Stappen

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Learn how DeineTierwelt launched their public community for pet lovers and integrated the community into their mobile app.



DeineTierwelt is an all-in-one marketplace for the pet world which was founded in 2007 and the headquarters is located in Hannover, Germany.

Community Goals

Replace the older forum with a new-age niche social community. Allow members to connect, discuss pet-related topics, and help each other.


Implement Tribe Platform to launch a full-featured niche social network for pet lovers. Customize the platform based on the specific brand and business requirements. Leverage the widgets and API to embed the social network inside the mobile app.


Improved user engagement and acquisition as a stand-alone community. Cemented brand leadership in the animal care space.

DeineTierwelt is already placing over 200,000 animals every year from reputable providers and animal welfare organizations in loving new homes. Apart from offering a robust marketplace in the pet market, the platform is actually a larger community of animal lovers that produces a range of high-quality content assets.

DeineTierwelt is on a mission to support and inform the pet owners and animals in all phases of their lives by delivering everything from a magazine and podcasts to videos via YoutTube channel and online community. This helps them offer news, tips, tricks, best practices, and raise awareness about animal welfare.

Of course, the online community helps in creating user-generated content based on the personal experiences of people, allows the members to exchange ideas, help each other, and build valuable networks.

The goal with the brand community was to phase out the older forum which wasn’t in line with the preferences of modern social media users and introduce a niche social network based on the current user behavior. The members must be able to discuss different topics on animals, have the ability to interact with one another and get complete guidance on the activities before and after they get a new best friend.

Tribe helped DeineTierwelt by delivering a completely customizable and fully featured social community platform powered by a personalized activity feed, features such as groups, virtual currencies, and support for multiple types of content.

The embeddable widgets and comprehensive API offered by Tribe enabled DeineTierwelt to integrate the community component into the official mobile app. This further improved user engagement and content generation via the mobile channel.

Members get immense value by participating in the discussions, getting questions clarified, and finding other like-minded people from groups. This increases the engagement and members tend to come back which boosts the retention rate.

At present, DeineTierwelt is well-positioned as a reputed brand in the animal marketplace. Different content assets powered by the crowd wisdom are helping the entire animal care ecosystem and DeineTierwelt is considered as a trusted partner for a fulfilling journey of both the pets and pet owners.