Connecting and Educating Customer Support Professionals with Quality Tribe – The Story of Klaus


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Merily Leis
Head of Marketing
Merily Leis

Story snapshot

An overview of how Klaus used SEO features, moderation tools, Zapier integration, and Google Analytics to build a public community for brand leadership.



Klaus is a leading quality management platform for customer support teams which was founded in 2018 and the headquarters is located in Tallinn, Estonia.

Community Goals

Create Quality Tribe, a Community of Practice for customer support professionals. Establish a platform for the members. Educate community members about best practices to use the Klaus app.


Minimize the go-to-market timeline by launching a full-featured community with Tribe. Connect the members with peers as well as an internal team of specialists, which includes CX professionals, analysts, market researchers, and more.


Launched an engaging brand-led social community within a span of 1 month. The community member base is growing by 16% month-over-month.

Klaus is on a mission to establish high-quality conversations between companies and customers.

This leading software in the customer support quality assurance space is designed for conversation reviews. The solution helps customer support teams internally review the quality of conversations between support agents and customers.

Klaus has a tailored UI for the internal feedback loop so support teams can go through past customer conversations and offer systematic feedback to the agents. This is driven by smart integrations with leading customer support solutions such as Intercom, Salesforce Service Cloud, LiveAgent, and HelpScout.

The team at Klaus wanted to create a brand-led online community to establish thought leadership in the customer support space by connecting customer support professionals. The community would serve as a dynamic knowledge hub to facilitate discussions, educate members, offer support, and build stronger relationships with the customers.

QualityTribe, community created by Klaus

The community is public-facing and free for anyone to sign up (even if someone is not a customer of Klaus). This is facilitated by Email-based sign-up as well as registration via existing social media accounts. For spam prevention during sign-up, Quality Tribe uses the built-in reCAPTCHA app.

The Topics feature is used to create various sections in the community so different types of discussions can be hosted. Here are the key Topics created to categorize content:

  1. Using Klaus — Dedicated to Klaus-related questions, feedback collection, feature requests, and sharing product updates.
  2. Setting up the process — Dedicated to discussions and Q&A related to the conversation review process: rating scales, peer review vs manager review, etc.
  3. Coaching and onboarding — Used for discussions around coaching and onboarding support agents.
  4. Requests — Members can request peers to participate in surveys, seek feedback, and source guests for webinars or interviews.

The Reputations app is used to score the quality of community contributions by awarding points for activities such as posting, asking questions, and answering.

Gamification and swag distribution

The leaderboard system is also tied to Klaus’ swag distribution — every month the member with the highest reputation score wins a swag package.

This is a great way to inspire members and leverage gamification to boost community engagement.

In terms of post types, the Quality Tribe makes use of Q&A and discussions. Discussions are specifically designed to facilitate ongoing conversations in the community and they support threaded conversations.The other key apps used in the community are SEO Boost, Moderation, Welcome Email, Zapier, and Google Analytics.

Specifically, Zapier is used to send notifications to a Slack channel dedicated to the community. This way Klaus team members are encouraged to engage with the posts in the community, answer questions, and build relationships.

As a company, Klaus has embraced the community-led model for customer education and support to deliver value to the audiences at every stage of the journey. Customer support professionals connect with peers, get help, and learn best practices.

The cycle of knowledge-sharing continues and members give back to the community as they continue to improve their expertise.

This is a powerful example of how brands can establish leadership in their respective domains by organizing and facilitating industry-specific discussions.