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Omnichannel Support: Definition + Examples

Utilise omnichannel support so that you can offer high-quality support to your customers at all times.
Written by
Duncan Elder
Published on
Jan 20, 2021

Omnichannel support is when businesses provide a seamless experience across multiple channels. Your team can offer the same high-quality support whether customers call, email, message, or join your community,

The benefit for customers is that they aren’t restricted to receiving help on specific channels. Meanwhile, your agents get an in-depth view of a customer’s support interactions, which helps them provide faster, more relevant support.

Omnichannel support example

Imagine a customer calls your team about an issue they have with your product. If you provide omnichannel support, the person who receives the call can look into the issue and then send the customer an email or message when the problem is solved.

Duncan Elder
Content writer

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