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Evergreen Content in Online Communities: How to Make the Most Out of it

Evergreen content is designed to remain relevant indefinitely. In other words, evergreen content is not time-sensitive in the sense of being tied to a particular event or promotion.
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Meagan Faryna
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October 23, 2023

Content is king, but not all content is created equal. As community managers, understanding the distinction and strategic application of evergreen and timely content can significantly influence your community's growth, engagement, and SEO rankings. 

This article delves into the importance of evergreen content in online communities, exploring its definition, impact, creation, and strategies. We'll also touch upon its challenges and future, providing actionable insights from successful real-world applications. 

Whether you're a seasoned community manager or an aspiring content creator, this article will equip you with the knowledge and tools to effectively leverage evergreen content, nurturing your online community to thrive in an ever-changing digital environment. 

What is evergreen content?

Evergreen content is the kind of content that remains relevant and fresh over time. It's a type of content that doesn't have an expiration date and continues to provide value to its audience long after it's been published.

Let's consider a forum thread in a customer community around "How to use Feature X of Product Y". This kind of content is evergreen because the usefulness of the instructions isn't tied to a specific event or a time frame.

As long as Feature X remains a part of Product Y, new and existing users can return to this thread to find practical help. This contrasts with a discussion about a limited-time promotional offer or a topical event, which becomes outdated after the promotion ends or the event passes.

Flutterflow support forum within the community
Flutterflow support forum within the community

Evergreen content can be an article, a how-to guide, a frequently-asked-questions (FAQ) page, or even an engaging video tutorial. Regardless of the format, the defining characteristic of evergreen content is its enduring relevancy and value to the community.

It's about creating a resource that users can come back to time and time again, providing long-term value that exceeds the moment it was posted. 

Why we should create evergreen content for our online communities 

Evergreen content is not just a one-hit wonder, providing quick bursts of engagement and then fading into obscurity. Instead, it continues to serve, educate, and engage members of a community over time. Here's a deeper look into how evergreen content can influence various aspects of online communities:

Improving SEO rankings

In the realm of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), evergreen content is a powerful tool. Since it remains relevant over time, this type of content continues to attract web traffic, thereby signaling to search engines that your community is a source of valuable, timeless information. This consistent organic traffic can improve your community's search engine rankings.

For instance, let's take an online community for gardening enthusiasts. A post titled "10 Timeless Tips for Growing Roses" would likely draw consistent traffic, as the information remains useful to both novice and expert gardeners throughout the years.

As this page attracts more visits, search engines will recognize its ongoing relevance and improve its ranking, making it even easier for rose enthusiasts to find your community.

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Community growth and engagement

Evergreen content serves as a pillar for community engagement. It sparks conversation, encourages participation, and can draw in new members. A well-written guide or insightful discussion can be shared across multiple platforms and can even encourage users to join the community for access to more such valuable content.

Take, for instance, an online community centered around photography. A detailed guide on "Understanding Camera Aperture: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners" remains a timeless resource.

This guide can lead to ongoing discussions, further questions, and even user-generated content as community members apply what they've learned and share their results. This dynamic fosters a lively, engaged community, and evergreen content is at the heart of it.

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Increasing content lifespan and relevance

The typical lifespan of a piece of content on the internet can be relatively short, particularly if it's tied to time-sensitive or trend-driven topics. Timelessly relevant content, however, has a much longer lifespan and a steady stream of engagement.

Evergreen content helps communities retain their value and relevance in the long run, creating a knowledge bank that continually serves its members.

How to create evergreen content

Crafting evergreen content requires a thoughtful, intentional approach. The goal isn't just to produce content that remains relevant over time, but also to create a resource that serves as a cornerstone for your community's knowledge. Below are some refined strategies to help you in this process.

Identify relevant and timeless topics

Aim to identify topics that will always hold relevance in the context of your community's purpose. These are typically topics that educate on fundamental principles, answer common questions, or offer timeless advice.

Rather than focusing on trends or news that will eventually fade in relevance, consider the enduring questions and interests your community shares.

Understand your community's interests and needs

Creating evergreen content is not about guessing what your community might find valuable — it's about knowing. This demands an understanding of your audience that can only be gained by consistent engagement.

Monitor popular topics, keep track of recurring questions, and note what types of content spark lively discussions. By doing this, you can uncover the evergreen topics that your community will appreciate.

Focus on quality over quantity

Evergreen content is meant to be perennially valuable, and achieving that demands a focus on quality. An in-depth, thoroughly researched piece will carry more lasting value than a multitude of shallow, cursory posts.

It's not about the volume of content you produce; it's about the value each piece offers. Investing time and effort into crafting a single, comprehensive resource can pay off with years of relevance and usefulness.

Make your content comprehensive

Aim to cover your chosen topic thoroughly. If a community member or an external visitor finds your content through a search engine, ideally they should get all the information they need from your content without having to look elsewhere. The more comprehensive your content is, the more valuable it will be to both your community and search engines.

Incorporate a unique perspective or valuable insight

Remember that the internet is filled with content. What will make your piece stand out is the unique perspective or valuable insight it offers. Sharing expert advice, unique anecdotes, or little-known facts can elevate your content from standard to exceptional.

This is your opportunity to go beyond general knowledge and offer something that only your community can provide.

Avoid unnecessary technical jargon

It’s tempting to use industry terms or phrases you’ve become accustomed to using inside your own community. When it comes to evergreen content, you should communicate information clearly and concisely to cater to both the experts and beginners in your community.

Avoid overly technical language or acronyms. If you must use jargon, be sure to explain exactly what you mean so you don’t confuse or alienate your readers. This will limit the content's accessibility and long-term effectiveness. When in doubt, keep it simple. 

Understand and use keywords effectively

Evergreen content is often informative and answers questions that people regularly search for. Understanding the keywords related to your topic and incorporating them effectively into your content will help search engines understand and index your content properly.

This could mean the difference between your evergreen content being a rich resource only for your community members versus it being a magnet that pulls in visitors from across the web.

Conduct thorough keyword research and pay attention to search volume, search intent, and search traffic, and use these insights to optimize your article for search engines. 

Use multimedia to enhance your content

Adding multimedia elements to your content not only makes it more engaging, but it also accommodates different learning styles. Including relevant images, videos, infographics, or even audio files can enhance the comprehension of your content.

his additional layer of information can help ensure that your content is accessible and engaging to a wide range of community members.

Techniques to sustain evergreen content

Once you've created evergreen content, your job’s still not done. You must ensure that your content continues to thrive and stay relevant. Here are some effective techniques for doing just that:

Regularly update content to maintain relevance

No matter how timeless a topic might be, there will always be new developments or information that could enhance your existing content. Regularly revisiting and updating your evergreen content ensures that it remains accurate, up-to-date, and as valuable as possible to your community.

Use internal links to drive traffic to evergreen content

Strategically linking to your evergreen posts in newer posts or in popular threads can help drive traffic to these foundational pieces. Not only does this boost the visibility of your evergreen content, but it also encourages newer members to delve into your community's resources.

Promote evergreen content in community discussions and social media

Evergreen content doesn't have to sit passively in your community archives. Promote it in relevant community discussions and on your community's social media channels. Regularly bringing these pieces back to the forefront can help both new and existing members discover and engage with them.

Encourage community members to contribute evergreen content

Your community members can be an excellent source of evergreen content. Encouraging them to share their own insights and experiences can result in valuable content that you might not have created otherwise.

This can also boost engagement, as members see their contributions being valued and used as resources for the community.

Sustaining evergreen content requires ongoing attention and strategy, but the benefits in terms of community engagement and growth make it well worth the effort.

Evergreen content ideas for online communities

Types of evergreen content in an online community

Creating evergreen content starts with identifying topics that are perpetually relevant to your community. Here are some content ideas that could inspire your own evergreen content creation:

1. How-to posts and tutorials: These pieces offer practical value to users and can be consulted time and again. For instance, in a gardening community, you might create a "Complete Guide to Organic Gardening," or for a tech community, a "Step-by-step Guide to Building Your First PC."

2. Expert interviews: Conversations with industry leaders or influencers offer timeless insights. An interview with a renowned chef in a cooking community, for instance, can offer valuable tips and inspiration that remain relevant.

3. Listicles: Well-organized lists on a variety of topics provide digestible, timeless content. "Top 10 Coding Best Practices" for a programming community or "7 Must-Visit Destinations for Solo Travelers" for a travel community would be examples of evergreen articles. 

4. Case studies: Real-world examples that illustrate success or lessons learned make for engaging, evergreen content. For a business community, a case study on a successful start-up journey could offer valuable insights.

5. Glossaries or encyclopedic entries: Content that clearly explains industry terms, concepts, or trends can serve as a go-to resource. For a photography community, a "Comprehensive Glossary of Photography Terms" would be a classic piece of evergreen content.

6. Reviews and comparisons: In-depth reviews or comparisons of products, services, or methods retain relevance. In a fitness community, an article like "Treadmill vs. Outdoor Running: A Comparative Analysis" would be continually valuable.

💡 Pro Tip: The key is to create content that not only remains relevant but also builds and sustains your community's interest over time. By mixing these evergreen content types with timely content that addresses current trends or events, you can maintain a vibrant and engaging content strategy.

Measuring the performance of evergreen content in online communities

Effectively gauging the performance of your evergreen content is crucial in understanding its impact and optimizing your community's content strategy. Let's walk through some metrics and methods to measure evergreen content performance:

1. Page views over time: Evergreen content should consistently draw traffic. Track the page views on your evergreen content over weeks, months, even years. You're looking for a steady line of visitors, rather than a spike and drop.

2. Engagement metrics: Examine likes, shares, comments, and the time users spent on the page. High engagement signals that the content is resonating with your community. Pay particular attention to comments for insights into what aspects are particularly valuable or could be improved.

3. SEO rankings: Check where your content is ranking on search engines for relevant keywords. Evergreen content often gradually climbs the search rankings as it gains backlinks and demonstrates consistent relevance.

5. Conversion rates: If your evergreen content includes a call-to-action, track the conversion rates. This could be newsletter sign-ups, account creation, or product purchases, depending on your community's goals.

6. Community contributions: In community settings, evergreen content can spark discussions or encourage user-generated content. Track the number and quality of these community responses.

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Overcoming challenges in creating evergreen content

Creating evergreen content, while immensely rewarding, also poses a set of distinct challenges. Let's delve into some of these potential roadblocks and examine strategies to navigate them:

Dealing with the saturation of popular topics

When you decide to create content around a timeless topic, you'll often find that the space is already crowded. This saturation can make it difficult for your content to stand out or offer something fresh. The key here is differentiation.

👉 Consider the unique aspects your community brings to the conversation. Does your community have a specific focus or a unique perspective that can provide a fresh spin on the topic? Perhaps you could go more in-depth than typical resources, or approach the topic from an angle that hasn't been explored extensively. By differentiating your content, you can carve out your own niche within even the most populated topic areas.

Keeping evergreen content engaging and interactive

Evergreen content, by its nature, is often informational and can risk being perceived as static or unengaging. However, it's crucial to remember that your evergreen content doesn't exist in a vacuum. It's part of an active, dynamic community.

👉 To keep your evergreen content engaging, consider how it can encourage interaction. This could be as simple as posing questions to your readers or inviting comments. You could also incorporate elements like quizzes, polls, or user-generated content. By making your evergreen content a two-way conversation, you can increase its long-term engagement.

Balancing between trending and evergreen content

While evergreen content provides long-term value, trending content taps into the immediacy of the current community interests and conversations.

👉 The solution lies in a blended approach. It's possible to create content that is both timely and evergreen. For example, when a relevant trend arises in your community, consider how you can address it in a way that will also hold value over time. This might mean focusing on the underlying principles or what the broader implications of the trend could mean for your community.

Future of evergreen content in online communities

As we look ahead, evergreen content will continue to play a vital role in the growth and sustainability of online communities. However, it's essential to anticipate trends and adapt to the evolving landscape. Here's what we can expect:

Interactivity and inclusion Just as the digital world evolves, so do the techniques and strategies for evergreen content. We're likely to see a greater emphasis on interactivity and personalization.

Community members increasingly want to be part of the conversation, not just passive consumers of information. As such, evergreen content that invites interaction or is tailored to the user's needs will gain prominence.

Moreover, as online communities grow more diverse, the demand for inclusive and accessible content will rise. Evergreen content creators will need to consider factors like readability, visual accessibility, and cultural sensitivity, ensuring their content can be enjoyed by the broadest audience possible.

Adapting to new formats and platforms

As technology evolves, new content formats and platforms continue to emerge. From podcasts and webinars to immersive VR experiences, the possibilities for evergreen content are expanding. Content creators need to stay informed about these trends and be ready to adapt their content to new formats.

Consider, for example, an evergreen how-to guide in a DIY community. While it may originally have been a text-based article, it could be adapted into a step-by-step video tutorial or an interactive infographic, thereby reaching different segments of the community who prefer those formats.

“How-to” guides within Bettermode’s Knowledge Base Image Source

Evergreen content and emerging technologies

Emerging technologies also present exciting opportunities for evergreen content. Tools powered by AI and machine learning can help identify what content resonates most with your community, providing insights to shape your evergreen content strategy.

Moreover, advancements in natural language processing could make it easier for community members to discover your evergreen content. For instance, voice search could allow members to find your content through voice-activated devices, so considering voice search optimization in your content strategy could be crucial.

The role of AI chatbots in SEO and evergreen content

As AI becomes more sophisticated, chatbots like GPT-4 are increasingly becoming a go-to resource for users seeking information. Instead of performing a traditional Google search, users can now pose their questions to these intelligent bots and receive instant, contextual answers.

This shift has significant implications for evergreen content and SEO. If users are turning to chatbots for information, the visibility of evergreen content on search engines may decrease. However, this doesn't mean the importance of evergreen content diminishes. Instead, it shifts.

Evergreen content can be used to train and improve these AI systems, as they often provide the comprehensive, detailed information that these tools need to provide accurate answers. Content creators in your community may start developing content with the dual purpose of serving their human audience and training AI systems.

Moreover, as these AI chatbots become more integrated into online communities, evergreen content could be used directly within these platforms. For instance, a chatbot in a fitness community could be programmed to share links to evergreen content on workout tips or nutrition guides when users ask relevant questions.

The future of evergreen content in online communities is not static. It will evolve and adapt, just as our communities do. By staying on top of trends and being willing to innovate, we can ensure our evergreen content continues to deliver value and drive engagement in the years to come.

What is an example of evergreen content in an online community? 

To truly understand the impact and potential of evergreen content, let's look at a few concrete examples where it has significantly benefited online communities.

One notable example is Stack Overflow, a community for developers. They have built an extensive library of evergreen content in the form of question-and-answer threads. These threads cover everything from basic programming principles to complex coding problems. Over the years, this content has remained relevant and valuable, drawing in countless new users and keeping existing members engaged.

Stack Overflow's public Q&A platform Image Source

Another example is the personal finance community, Mr. Money Mustache. The founder has written several evergreen blog posts that provide timeless advice on frugality and investing. These posts continue to attract and retain community members, long after they were first published.

Blog post by Mr. Money Mustache published over a decade ago Image Source

What makes these instances successful is the quality, depth, and relevance of the content. Both Stack Overflow and Mr. Money Mustache have identified their community's needs and interests, and have consistently delivered high-quality content that provides long-term value.


Evergreen content is much more than a buzzword. It's a powerful tool for sustaining and growing vibrant online communities. It boosts SEO, promotes continuous engagement, and most importantly, it stands the test of time. 

However, it's not without its challenges. From staying relevant in a sea of saturation to evolving with technological advancements, it takes insight and effort to keep this type of content fresh and engaging. But when done right, evergreen content is the gift that keeps on giving, offering immense value to both the community and the content creator. 


What is evergreen vs timely content? 

Evergreen content is characterized by its enduring relevance, covering timeless topics that consistently offer value regardless of when they are accessed. For example, comprehensive guides or fundamental principles within a given field.

In contrast, timely content is contemporarily relevant, focusing on current events, trends, or seasonal themes. This could include reviews of recently released technology or analysis of current market trends. While its relevance may wane over time, timely content provides immediate value and demonstrates responsiveness to the present context.

A balanced content marketing strategy should incorporate both forms. Evergreen content ensures a stable foundation of value, while timely content engages audiences with the present, maintaining vibrancy and relevance within the evolving landscape.

Why is evergreen content crucial for online communities?

Evergreen content plays an important role in online communities as improve ranking on search engine result page. It also promotes community growth and engagement.

Such content attracts consistent web traffic, signaling to search engines the long-term value of the community's content.

How can one create engaging evergreen content?

Crafting compelling evergreen content involves identifying timeless topics, understanding the community's interests, focusing on quality over quantity, making the content comprehensive, and incorporating unique perspectives.

How can one improve the relevance of evergreen content?

To ensure evergreen content remains relevant, it's crucial to regularly update it, use internal links to drive traffic, promote it in community discussions and on social media, and encourage community members to contribute. Regularly revisiting and updating the content ensures its continued accuracy and relevance.

Meagan Faryna
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